Great Peace

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A rainbow over the Long Mynd calls blind hearts to turn and see, embrace the wisdom of pure seeing and through seeing, embrace pure being, human being translucent with the glory of Great Peace.  The fullness of Great Peace is the completeness that is everywhere loved by the children of incompleteness, the completeness that is communicated by the grace of the Name.  It manifests as the love of wisdom because it is wisdom that discerns the glory of this grace.  Wisdom’s rainbow radiance embraces all the colours of the spectrum when the resurrection unveils the rainbow body of glory, which is wisdom’s merkabah chariot, her Cherubic Throne of light.  

The Holy Name transmits the Great Peace, as Isaiah the Prophet confirms.  ‘All your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children’ (Isaiah 54:13; John 6:45). The rainbow Covenant of the Holy Name communicates the Great Peace, which is the fullness of God filling all in all.  The Father imparts Great Peace, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit as the uncreated creative union that unites the Son with the Father, discerned by wisdom in the Holy Spirit.  Such peace becomes a Cherubic Hymn when the light of union resounds.

Great Peace is ineffable glory way beyond the comprehension of discursive thought or sense perception, although the mysteries of glory do shine forth so as to transform thought and transfigure the senses.  Wisdom discerns glory as rainbow radiance bringing Great Peace, purifying and illumining the heart.  She draws the mind or nous down into the heart, kardia, where the Spirit unites with our spirit in prayer of the Spirit in the heart.  This prayer is unceasing prayer of the Spirit in our midst, crying: ‘Abba, Father, hallowed be thy Name.’  ‘Great Peace to all.’