Yah Shuah Mari Yah: Wisdom Transmission of Glory.

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The wisdom transmission of Yah Shuah Mari Yah is the mystical legacy of Yeshuah, the Beloved, through MariYah, his Beloved Disciple, deliberately hidden at the heart of the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of Saint John and the Book of Revelation.  The Gospel of Philip remembered their holy co-companionship to be the concealed key to what MariYah, Apostle to the Apostles, handed on to the whole Orthodox Church:  Resurrection as  both theologia crucis and theologia gloriae, an indivisible embrace of love and glory poured out as purification, illumination, glorification.  But the Gospel of Philip was lost until it was rediscovered in Egyptian caves in 1945.  The Migdala’s tower of strength, which inspired the Apostles, Prophets and Saints during the temptations of the first persecutions, was forgotten.  Yet it was what turned broken limbs of holy saints into healing relics in the witness of early martyrs.  It was what transformed confused disciples into wise elders in the desert and transfigured saints in their witness to Christ’s glorification in our midst on Mount Tabor.  

The holy energy of the Beloved Disciple in union with her Beloved hallows all mankind, not only those who treasure the Song of Songs in the Bridal Chamber of the Holiest of Holies.  This was wisely hidden so that profane scrutiny could not get hold of it.  It inspired hallowing transmission of Sacred Tradition at the heart of the Orthodox Church, one and holy, renewing Apostolic transmission as Catholic wholeness in every generation.  But the mystery was hidden with Christ in God for two millennia.  Instead, the uncreated glory of Holy Wisdom was unveiled as purification through metanoia, illumination through theoria and glorification through theosis down the centuries.  It was the uncreated light of glory turning dissipated minds back into the heart by lived Baptism, illumining the eye of the heart through Chrismation in the Name, and glorifying elders and saints by transforming them from glory to glory, which is the mystery of Eucharistic Union.  

The Beloved Disciple, whose identity was deliberately hidden, holds keys to the Eternal Gospel which fulfil the temporal Gospel when intuition in a glass darkly breaks forth into vision of glory face to face.  The light of glory is undivided from the unveiled face of glory, utterly free of all dualistic separations, whether spatial or temporal.   Wisdom sees glory face to face in glorification, and so spontaneously bears witness to the Eternal Gospel.  It is the Beloved’s uncreated creative love, unveiled to the Beloved Disciple, which breaks through confusion and leaps over separation.   It was wisdom that recognised him in the Garden and bore witness to the glory of his resurrection.   There is no end to the transmission of glory at the heart of Orthodox right-glorification, no end to the Apostolic witness to holy Oneness that lives in accordance with Catholic wholeness.  The transmission of glory was the Migdala’s hidden wisdom function in God’s Kingdom of Light, and if the Gospel of Philip is right, she was Christ’s Beloved Disciple and co-companion, who mediated the union of wisdom and glory, in the Holy Spirit’s unveiling of divine beauty in the Holiest of Holies, hidden at the heart of the Holy of Holies.