Wisdom’s Eternal Gospel

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Wisdom discerns the glory of the Eternal Gospel (Revelation 14:6), glory unveiled by the prophets and witnessed by the apostles, wisdom awakening elders which imparts glory to the saints.  Wisdom is God’s vision of God in God, Holy Trinity in act as uncreated energy, revealing an Eternal Gospel of ever-present grace.  This gift of grace is God’s gift of God through God, a timeless unveiling in God of awareness as wisdom and presence as glory.  The Holy Name reveals God through God in God, uncreated ‘I’ awareness one with divine ‘AM’ presence as wisdom wedded to glory.  The Name reveals God, one yet three, three yet one, unveiled by prophecy, revealed to apostles, handed on by elders, hallowing saints.  This Holy Tradition is actually Holy Trinity at work as uncreated wisdom and deifying glory.  It is wisdom tradition alive and alight as God’s purifying fire, dazzling illumination and hallowing glorification.  Temporal awareness sees this in a glass darkly as a temporal gospel, imposing separation.  Wisdom sees this glory face to face, with directionless directness, because in the Eternal Gospel there is no separation in God between wisdom and glory.  

The mysteries of glorification are the first fruits of the sacred union of wisdom and glory, mysteries which unveil God’s Bridal Chamber as his Holy of Holies.  When wisdom unveils the glory of Christ’s resurrection, ascension and glorification, the Eternal Gospel of timeless grace is revealed.  The divisions of time distance this, separating past from future, veiling timeless presence to temporal awareness, concealing timeless awareness behind temporal presence.  But wisdom in God is timeless awareness of the timeless presence of glory, union of God’s ‘I’ and God’s ‘AM,’ imparting communion in the wisdom and glory of God’s saving Name.  Wisdom sees our temporal gospel as an Eternal Gospel because glory is timeless presence unveiled to timeless awareness, glory beheld by wisdom as a union of lover and beloved.  This Song of Songs is sacred to the Spirit because it is an icon of the union of wisdom and glory, veiling and unveiling the timeless union of the Father and the Son.  Icons see through a glass darkly but bear witness to glory, so that glory can undo shortfall from glory through glorification.  Wisdom sees through the veils of form so that veils let glory through, transfiguring them.  Resurrection, ascension and glorification unveil glory with increasing glory as the fire, light and glory of increasing, manifold wisdom open the temporal gospel to its timeless truth as Eternal Gospel.

The unveiled face of glory is direct, transcending direction out and away, transcending the mirror’s obscure reflections as they appear in time.  The reflections of time fall away as glory unveils glory and the age to come in glory comes.  This advent coming is wisdom’s ineffable intent, the descent of the Bride who weds earth with heaven.  The Eternal Gospel unveils glorification, revealing the Holy of Holies in awakened hearts.  The ages of time end here, where veils are rent and glory reigns in the midst.  The Gospel of Christ is one but there are many different ways in which it is received, according to the manner of our purification, illumination or glorification.  When wisdom is disdained, all ineffable depths are repressed, abandoning the blind to lead the blind into ditch after ditch.  Wholeness of tradition falls apart into sectarian divisions, and the partial usurps the whole in many sectarian ways.  But the translucence of wisdom sees through every division, offering wholesome, hallowing healing to all.  Elders impart turning so that seeing sees, pointing to the wisdom and glory of God in the midst.  Seeing rends many outward veils, opening wisdom to glory, unveiling glory from glory to glory at centre.  Glory gently draws aside the inner veils, wedding wisdom to glory in the midst.  The Seer of the Apocalypse (Rev 14:6) calls the rending of inner veils an Eternal Gospel because wisdom unveils the glory of timeless resurrection within resurrection, spiritual ascension within ascension, eternal glorification within glorification.   These are wisdom’s mysteries, which are preserved from profanation by being veiled from pretentious sophistry.  Wisdom searches out the hidden depths of glory in the Holy Spirit, unveiling the Eternal Gospel of glory envisioned in the obscure reflections of our temporal versions of the gospel of grace.