Completeness of Wisdom and Glory

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God intends all to be saved, that all without exception shall come to completeness of wisdom in the knowledge of truth, truth that unveils glory in the Name (1Tim 2:3-4)  The divine intention has glory in view from the beginning, generating wisdom that recapitulates everything in glory, unveiling consummate completeness, glory reconciling everything to God in the hallowed Name.  The light of resurrection raises from hell all who welcome ascending glory in the midst.  The Name saves by unseating every usurping power from God’s throne, restoring hearts to wholesome health through God, in God.  The Name crowns all with glory, so that none shall be lost.  Graced by wisdom, all are embraced by God’s hallowing Name, ‘I AM’ alight in the midst, glorifying ‘I AM’ in ‘I AM.’  God’s ineffable completeness belongs to God, Holy Trinity unveiling wisdom and glory.  Fallen powers intervene and obstruct God’s energies of glory, superimposing delusion on us, but wisdom confesses Jesus is ‘I AM,’ insight that proceeds from God, restoring the glory of the Name to God.  The Spirit anoints ‘I AM’ to give glory to the Father, undoing the interventions of vainglory.  Anointing by the Spirit has three revelatory unveilings, turning into God, seeing of God in God, and deifying union of God through God, with God.  Turning yields firstfruits of light and glory, whilst seeing is God’s ripening harvest in his kingdom of glory.  Union is wisdom restoring glory to the Father.  The fires of love consume confusion by turning. The flames of light dissolve division through illumination and the light of hallowing glory consummates the mysteries of completeness through deification.  Glorification realises ineffable completeness when all usurping powers are disempowered and the Kingdom of glory is restored by Christ to the Father (1 Cor 15: 23-4). 

When Christ restores glory to the Father, God is in all and all is in God sharing glorification with us all, confirming turning through God seeing God in God.  Uncreated fire saves by purifying then illumining what confusion separates.  The flaming tongues of Pentecost anoint all with the Spirit’s Chrism of saving grace.  ‘I AM’ gathers all into ‘I AM,’ returning all to ‘I AM,’ manifesting the liberating completeness of the hallowing Name.  The scope of the Name above all names is all-embracing, unobstructed by the shadows and narrows of constriction.  All are wedded into ‘I AM,’ so all are conjoined to ‘I AM’ in ‘I AM.’   God is present and aware in all, wisdom present and aware through all, glory ever-present and ever-aware as all in all.  Confusion is consumed as if by fire, but although the created bush burns, the created reality as such is not consumed, only the delusion and confusion.  This signifies that when death is overcome by death, dying daily in resurrection, nothing created by God in God is consumed, only the shadows of confusion and separation hovering in hells of our own making.  Wisdom communicates the glory of the Age to Come (Olam Ha Ba), which is God’s kingdom come, the Name hallowed as wise awareness conjoined with glorious presence.  Every possible outer darkness has been embraced already as separation dissolving into union and communion.  This is wisdom’s embrace of incompleteness in the glory of ineffable completeness.  The age of coming glory comes as glory beyond all ages as well as every particular age.  Hells open to become radiant heavens when glory reigns.

Hell is not created by God and so offers nothing created to get hold of, nothing with which to distance God, being ultimately God’s living flame of love, offering us nothing created to grasp as an addictive God-substitute.  Resistance to love separates, leaving burning remorse, but surrender to love unites, transforming burning hells into heavens of radiant love.  When turning turns into God, seeing sees God from God, light from light, ‘I AM’ from ‘I AM.’  Addiction to God-substitutes releases as awareness embraces presence, wisdom embracing glory.  Vainglory dissolves back into glorification of God which glorifies saints.  Pride turns inside out as God turns outside in, when ‘I AM’ in glory reigns.  The Name saves by restoring God to God in God, Holy Trinity in action as uncreated light, then glory.  On the way, turning and seeing behold glory as in a mirror, obscurely and elliptically.  Conditioned ways and means cannot help ending up with the very same separation with which they began.  But unconditioned glory leaps over what wisdom cuts through, beginning at the end with the same awareness of presence as wisdom has always known, glory present to awakened awareness in the beginning.  The Name saves all by restoring wisdom to glory and glory to wisdom, wisdom aware and glory present, here and now, as Kingdom come.  Wisdom’s embrace is glory, a consummating completeness, excluding nothing.  Glory is what wisdom knows, a universal embrace that includes all that wisdom sees, all that glory knows, radiant completeness unveiled as wisdom’s love of glory.