Hidden wisdom unveiling glory

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Like prophets and apostles, elders do impart wisdom, but it is not a sophisticated worldly wisdom but God’s hidden wisdom that discerns the glory of the Age to Come, (Olam Ha Ba), which is the glory of God’s Kingdom come.  The mysteries of glory are the unveilings of ‘I AM’ in glory, Christ’s hidden mysteries of the hallowing Name.  These mysteries are not evident to the blind eyes or deaf ears of hardened hearts, which suffer from spiritual sclerosis, but to the Holy Spirit whose wisdom awakens the eye and ear of the heart to glory in the Name.  It is the Spirit which searches out wisdom and glory, uniting mind and heart, awareness and presence, wisdom and glory.  For it is the Spirit who unveils glory to wisdom, the Spirit who unites mind and heart, healing so-called gnostic extremes which inflate the mind and also so-called Messalian extremes which inflate pride of heart.  When elders impart God’s wisdom in the Holy Spirit, they transmit uncreated grace with the energies of glory, never to be confused with clever speculation or emotional enthusiasm.  Grace heals unhealthy extremes by curing confusion and overcoming division, depriving addictive passions of anything to get hold of, because the Spirit is radically free and communicates real freedom.  True spirituality is not the post-modern commodity that floods our markets, but the Spirit which unveils spiritual mysteries to spiritual nobodies, the Spirit which inspires humble prophecy and sends unrecognised apostles to transmit the Name.  Wisdom beholds glory in the Name, awakening awareness to presence in ‘I AM.’

Divisions arise when the powers of this world intervene and obstruct the union and communion of the hallowing Name, using the Eucharist to split those gathered at the Eucharist, concealing ruthless power games behind pious canons and legal regulations.  There is nothing new in any of this, although perhaps the voice of those bearing witness to deifying wisdom in our day is an ever more glaring rarity, so perhaps a contributing factor in some contemporary divisions.  If there are only blind guides to lead the blind, the ditch appears to be all there is and no-one notices it is a ditch anymore.  Extremes take over and tear union and communion into incoherent shreads, leaving warring institutions and divisive regulations but no living wisdom and no real experience of glory.  But the Holy Spirit has not forgotten how to hallow and heal through the Name, nor have broken saints lost touch with awareness of wisdom or presence of glory.  Extremes of confusion and division are cured the moment addictions are released and union of wise awareness and glorious presence shares deifying communion with all once again.  Awakened hearts are always temples of the Spirit where God dwells in glory discerned by wisdom, God revealing God, through God, Holy Trinity in action as uncreated light in broken vessels, calling, ‘Turn and see!’

The unveiled face of living prophecy unveils glory, leaving the face of the prophet radiant, transmitting light of glory to the apostles, wisdom awakening saints among whom elders unveil Christ.  Prior to illumination, literal scripture slays, as the Apostle insists, but when wisdom opens the eye of the heart, veils begin to unravel, though veils remain when wisdom is disdained.  Wisdom turns and sees the glory of ‘I AM,’ tearing old temple veils, letting glory through.  The Spirit reveals the glory of the Name, opening wisdom to mysteries of glorification which remove many reflected veils, the many faces of externality, revealing the unveiled face of glory.  The Spirit, being freedom, frees the heart of all addictive veiling.  ‘I AM’ mirrors ‘I AM’ in ‘I AM,’ when wisdom unveils glory.  Holy Trinity unveils glory through wisdom.  Deifying remembrance reflects God in his Name, transforming us in the image and likeness of God.  Glory engenders glory without end, once glory’s end is our beginning, shedding past and future.  Glory generates glory from glory to glory once past and future fall away, leaving ever-present awareness embracing presence, wisdom ever-aware of glory in the Holy Name.  The Spirit of ‘I AM’ bears witness to the glory of ‘I AM,’ awakening wisdom embracing glory in the Name.