Glory beloved by Wisdom

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Wisdom is beloved of God because she loves to embrace all through all as she ascribes all glory to God.  Glory loves to be loved by wisdom because God loves to be known as wisdom knows, with awakening insight and wholeness of heart.  Wisdom renews living sacred tradition by purifying the heart and illumining God-centred intelligence, but it is the Father who generates this filial wisdom in the heart anew in every moment and it is the Spirit who pours out this regenerative light that renews the wholesome roots of creation in glory.   Wisdom restores creation in glory so as to return glory in all, through all, to the Father, a reciprocal exchange of gifts that answers God’s grace with grace-filled lives.   The reason hallowed glorification is rarely acknowledged in conventional religious circles is that purification and illumination are usually overlooked, because the injunctions to turn and see are largely neglected.  This leaves rapacious addiction to God-substitutes intact, allowing a culture of self-centred consumption to expand, without which the structures of compulsive consumerism and capitalist greed would collapse.  But wisdom is simple and loves to deflate the vanities that consume addicted, hardened hearts, transforming vainglory back into wholesome glorification of God, including our glorification by God, through God, in God: Holy Trinity.

The glory that wisdom loves is the simplicity of humble kindness not the sophistication of shallow celebrity.  The wisdom glory loves to sustain is childlike wonder, not the self-obsessed sophistry of self-centred acquisition.  Awareness beholds presence without trace of confusion just as wisdom discerns glory without divisive exclusion.  When God-centred wholeness unseats self-centred delusion in the midst, the eye of the heart awakens and awareness reunites with presence at centre where all centres coincide.  Nothing can separate wisdom from glory in the midst, just as nothing divides awareness from presence in the Holy Name.  Uncreated awareness is indivisible from uncreated presence in the Holy Name, ‘I AM,’ which is self-evident whenever wisdom turns and sees.  It is not a matter of imposing a conventional belief to save ourselves but of trusting what anointed seeing sees.  Wisdom beholds divine presence as glory illumining the heart, enlightening awareness of presence and presence of awareness.  Nothing intrudes here to obstruct light in the midst, just as nothing remains of separation when glory dispels confusion.  Christly wisdom is the Spirit’s truth unveiled in the Name, wedding awareness to presence and presence to awareness, Song of Songs mysteries revealed at the heart of every perception. 

There is no end to the glory that wisdom loves and so no limit to the love that embraces the Beloved in light, then glory.  There is no end to the Beloved’s love which returns love in the invisible dance of awareness and presence in the midst.  The Name unveils mysteries of first-personal co-inherence which love lives but cannot explain.  Grace lives from beyond the grasping mind, letting wisdom see what glory knows, refraining from presumptuous scrutiny.  The left hand of dualistic inspection does not pry into what the right hand of wisdom sees, preferring to give glory to God rather than let vainglory intrude.  God-centred wholeness is wholesome and true and does not require the cultivation of self-imposed humility to improve it.  Pride thinks it can better God with its antics of self-centred humility.  Confusion dissolves so that separation falls away, allowing the fall to fall back into the nothingness it ultimately always was.  Shortfall from glory dissolves back into radiant glory, unveiling glory to wisdom, presence to awareness.  No-one does this for themselves.  God does it as wisdom embracing glory.  Wisdom is beloved by inexhaustible glory in the midst, revealing awareness in love with presence and presence conjoined with awareness.   Love loves because love loves, not for any extrinsic reason or reasons that conceal subtle pride.  Love is wisdom discovering the glory of love, concealed with God at centre in the midst.  Love awakens to love’s hidden meanings when wisdom opens love’s grace to ineffable glory.