Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory

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Prophecy discerns the embrace of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory in Christ’s heart as he undergoes death, resurrection, ascension and glorification, interceding on behalf of all, as the whole Adam in person.  His heart enthrones God’s Name, ‘I AM,’ in death and descent into hell, in resurrection and ascension into heaven, in glorification on high and intercession for all (Rom 8: 34).  The mysteries of wisdom and glory remain ineffable when this embrace of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory in the Name rises into direct vision face to face.  Each unveiled angelic face is winged with whole-eyed wisdom, the Spirit seeing wheels within wheels of all-seeing vision, opening Seraphic encircling wisdom to Cherubic encircling glory, enthroning God’s Name in the heart.  The heart of Christ is ‘all eye, all face, all light, all glory,’ as he raises awakening hearts into the mysteries of his resurrection and ascension (St Macarius Homily 1 on Ezekiel 1).  There is no dark blind spot behind Christ’s back; nothing that is not wholly eye of light or face of glory all around.  ‘I AM’ before Abraham was, breathes wisdom and glory into the luminous stillness of the Name, answering the Spirit’s whisper with the ineffable beauty of the glory of God’s Name.  Christ’s heart communicates ‘I AM’ to every heart in uncreated light, opening Christ’s Seraphic wisdom to the ineffable beauty of Cherubic glory in the Spirit.  Hearts become ‘all eye, all face, all light, all glory,’ when the Spirit beholds Christ enthroned in glory in the midst.  Christ’s heart enthrones ‘I AM’ in glory when he dies, rises and ascends in glory to intercede for all as for himself.

Prayer receives the word of prophecy piercing the heart and burns in the Spirit’s tongues of flame, consummating the opening mysteries of Holy Pascha with the hallowing completeness of Pentecost.  The glorious mysteries of the Eagle wed those of the Oxe, completing the mysteries of the Lion with those of the Man.  Hearts become thrones of grace beyond every symbolic image or conception of this grace.  All-seeing completeness is unknowable and incomprehensible even when wisdom beholds the glory of God’s  unveiled grace.  It is the Spirit who drives the chariot throne of glory, not the controlling minds or wills of those broken beings the Spirit inspires.  The wisdom of Christ unveils uncreated light in every heart, restoring glory to every fallen glory as wisdom restores glory to God.  Wisdom stands steadfast in the beauty of the glory of Christ, opening throne vision to spiritual crowning as wisdom ascends.  Elders receive the same light that illumines the prophets, imparting the same glory to the saints that glorified the apostles.  Christ enlightens the eye of the heart of all who die into him, putting their spiritual death to death through his glorious resurrection.  The Spirit ascends with all who ascend in Christ and who descend with him as the Bridegroom’s Bride, hallowing heaven and earth.

Wonder sustains wisdom even when glory transcends all understanding.  Wonder preserves wisdom from sophistry and glory from vainglorious addiction to miracles and wonders.  The heart is preserved from warring extremes which spawn division as wisdom cures it of idolatrous confusion which breeds satanic separation.  The heart is a temple of the Spirit as wisdom enkindles light from light and expands from expansive glory into ever-expanding glory.  Confusion separates whereas communion heals what division destroys.  ‘I AM’ is bread of heaven to all who are sustained by wisdom’s waters of timeless life.  ‘I AM’ is oil of gladness to all who hallow God’s anointing Name.  Crowned with glory, they are robed in light.  Hearts become the thrones they always were when glorification completes purification and illumination.  Wisdom and glory wed in the  Bridal Chamber of the Cherubim, hallowing the purifying Seraphic flame of the Name in the Holy of Holies.  The ineffable poetics of prophecy supports the prayer of the Spirit in the heart.  The Spirit’s prayer in the heart is unceasing even in a very secular age.  Wonder sustains Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory in the temple of the heart.  Few may bother to turn and see, but Seraphic wisdom embraces Cherubic glory at centre where glory loves wisdom with the hallowing openness of wonder.  Seraphic wisdom embraces Cherubic glory whenever God’s Name ‘I AM’ is hallowed and awareness conjoins with presence in the midst.