Angelic Vision and Wisdom Song

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Desert wisdom turns to see, awakening light to glory that illumines as enlightened wisdom vision and resounds as enchanting wisdom song, glorification uniting light and sound.  Glory is both wisdom vision and wisdom song, light and sound, visual vibration and audible reverberation.  Glorification, in short, is hallowing enlightenment as luminous vision and hallowing enchantment as wisdom song.  The Holy Ones, whether angels or saints, reside within wisdom vision and reverberate within resonant wisdom song, showing that hallowing awareness and holy presence in the Name ‘I AM’ shine as well as resound in the heavens of the heart.  Angels live within these mysteries of the Name, as do the saints, by awakening to wisdom and glory.  Deifying awareness beholds divine presence in the light of hallowing vision and the sound of hallowing chant, resounding light unveiling enlightening chant as vision of glory and audible vision of God.  When desert Hesychasm transmits wisdom, glory reveals glory resounding as glory to God, transfiguring with hallowing light what resonates as hallowing sound.  Glorification unites angels with saints in mythic and magical spheres of light and sound, opening to  enlightenment through hallowing light and enchantment through hallowing chant.

The wisdom song of stars and stones weds the wisdom vision of angels and saints in the silence of the awakened heart.  The music of the heavens is discerned as a resonance of stars communing with the light of invisible heavens, the uncreated light of countless angels resounding as the music of ineffable spheres.  Angels offer this hallowing glorification so that when saints join with them, they are hallowed by their chant, an enchantment that is mysterious participation in the energies of glory, wisdom being participation in the uncreated glory of the Name.  The desert calls glorification an angelic mystery, because saints partake in the angelic estate of angels when glory awakens wisdom.  It follows that when wisdom is restored to the heart, angels cease to be figures of fancy but unveil themselves as hallowing presences awakening hallowed awareness in the saints.  When wisdom was despised, angels withdrew together with the magic of myth and the uncreated imagination.  When wisdom returns, angels unveil their presence and awareness so that uncreated imagination is freed to be creative again.  Pure prayer transcends images but the awakened heart inspires creative imagination, renewing poetic myth and ancient symbolism to dispel confusion and cure division.

Glorification plays with interweaving light or sound, then light as sound and sound as light as thrones of glory sing cherubic hymns which crown what they enthrone with light.  Throne mysteries resonate as ineffable chant and reverberate as uncreated light, transcending dualistic divisions between light and sound that are conditioned by confusion between the uncreated and the created.  Glory resounds as luminous grace, transfiguring hearts with resonant light, illumining vision uniting heart awakened wisdom with the spiritual senses of taste, touch and smell as well as hearing.  Wisdom weds glory in all five senses just as wisdom is one with glory in all nine choirs of angels in the heart, seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels.  The angel of our being, sometimes called our guardian angel, is one light and one sound with all nine choirs, being God’s awareness of presence in us.  The angel of our being is an angel of the Name, which is our umbilical cord linking us to divine life, the life-line of ‘I AM’ in our midst.  The eye of the heart by which God sees us is the eye of God by which God is seen.  God’s awareness of us awakens us to God, in whose light God’s light is seen, in whose hearing, God is heard.  The Name of God is ‘I AM,’ God from God uniting angels and saints, one ‘I AM’ in many angels and in many saints.  The Name at centre is ‘I AM’ at centre in each angel, in every angelic choir, uniting angels with saints in light and sound, inspiring angelic vision and healing wisdom song in the saints.