The Thrice Holy Hymn

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Glorified saints sing the Thrice Holy Hymn Isaiah heard in the Temple in BC 742, sung by six-winged Seraphim before the throne in heaven, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory’ (Isaiah 6:3).  ‘Lord,’ here, names God’s Name, ‘EHYEH,’ ‘I AM,’ so the Thrice Holy Hymn glorifies God’s Name ‘I AM’ in the midst of angel hosts, unveiled in the Holy of Holies.  Seraphic fire deifies the saints just as Cherubic glory enthrones the deified, sharing the throne like Metatron, the throne sharer, with the glorified.  Thrones of glory with wheels of light and illumined insight raise the resurrected into glory when the mysteries of the chariot throne are revealed, mysteries which Christ experienced at his baptism and which Christians experience when they live their baptism as illumination and glorification.  Illumination through the Logos unveils the logoi of creation, uncreated energy giving glory to God, whilst glorification in the Logos enthrones the glorified through Christ’s Name above all names.  Glorification glorifies the saints in the Thrice Holy Name of God, opening them to Thrice Holy glorification which deifies angels in Holy Trinity.  Encircling the Throne with them, glorified prophets, priests and kings join with this angelic glorification of the Thrice Holy Name, offering angelic liturgies which sustain the world and fill heaven and earth with glory.

When heaven opens, Christ in glory raises saints into the Spirit of Truth where wisdom beholds ‘I AM’ enthroned in glory, surrounded by crowned, glorified elders, the Holy Spirit shining as if on a translucent, crystal sea, unveiling her mysteries as seven spirits like seven lamps before the throne.  In the Spirit, Christ’s throne is all-seeing, all-eye, as if winged with angelic all-seeing vision, centred in God’s Name ‘I AM,’ which is God’s all-aware presence and ever-present awareness.  Christ shares his throne with the glorified, like Enoch’s Metatron, who chants the Thrice Holy Hymn, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is ‘I AM,’ He who is, who was and who is to come (Revelation 4:8).’  Elders give glory to ‘I AM,’ ‘I AM’ that is, that was and which is to come, casting their crowns before the Throne, ascribing all glory to God.  The Thrice Holy Name ‘I AM’ is revealed in the slaughtered Lamb, who opens the seven seals of prophecy, key to the Spirit’s sevenfold mysteries, the mysteries of completeness.  The ‘I AM’ of glory is the slaughtered lamb of crucified love, in whose Name, God resurrects the resurrected, illumines the illumined and glorifies the glorified.  Signed by the Cross, prayers of the saints are their glorification of the Name, Christ’s saving word in prophets, Christ’s healing sacrifice in priests and Christ’s victory over evil in kings.  Glorification expands as deifying awareness of presence and deified presence of awareness, resounding in ecstasy of joy when wisdom conjoins with glory.  Blessed is the Name that saves and heals, ‘I AM’ at centre in each and all, wisdom embracing glory wherever she turns.

The Thrice Holy Hymn weds heaven and earth through wisdom, hallowing earth as in heaven with glory.  The Name seals the Eternal Gospel of the Eternal Covenant which binds creation into union without confusion with communion without division.  Through the Name, wisdom binds to make whole and looses to cure, so that as glory, she differentiates to unite and releases to heal.  Angelic dimensions of awareness and presence interpenetrate with our three dimensions of space and dimension of time in ineffable ways that wisdom discerns and glory has always gratefully known.  Harmony is ensured when wisdom holds steady in glory without falling apart. The Name unites awareness and presence as radiance and as resonance, like the sound of light refined as music of spheres within spheres in worlds within worlds.  Angels communicate this ineffable music to seers whose prophecy remembers harmony in which prayer of the Spirit resounds.  It is this ineffable music of glorification which renews creation, restoring glory to God through the renewing Name in world after world.  The Name is unveiled as wisdom song when wisdom herself begins to restore glory to grace, releasing addictive vainglory, which takes what is given for granted.  The shift is subtle but profound, turning from dead closure into graced openings, renewing creation in radical openness.  Angels rejoice to see hard hearts break open and tears cleanse diseased perception, hallowing saints with angel vision, restoring glory to God.