Ineffable glory

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Christ reveals God’s Name ‘I AM’ in the light of ineffable glory, breathing the Spirit of Truth into resurrected hearts.  The Spirit seals the heart with Christ’s wisdom mysteries of ineffable glorification, uniting knower and known in God through God.  The uncreated countenance of ‘I AM’ never turns away from those who turn and see.  ‘I AM’ does not disown his own, nor forsake the presence of awareness the Name reveals.  The Name ‘I AM’ awakens awareness to presence as light awakened by glory, which in turn illumines awareness with the presence of glory, from glory to increasing glory.  ‘I AM’ recognises ‘I AM’ through ‘I AM’ in Holy Trinity, which is the glory of the Name revealed before the foundation of the world.  ‘I AM’ rejoices in ‘I AM,’ glorifying all who glorify God in his Name.  ‘I AM’ delights in the beloved, in whose unveiled face ‘I AM’ is loved and known.  ‘I AM’ the Father generates ‘I AM’ the Son eternally, bearing witness as ‘I AM’ the Spirit to the Truth of the Name.  ‘I AM’ creates hearts and minds for wisdom to unveil glory.  Glory loves to indwell those who indwell the Name and the Name does not waver from unveiling glory to wisdom in those who rejoice in its grace.  Glory increases glory in seers just as love deepens love of the Beloved in elders and saints.

Glory is ineffable so glorification also is ineffable, plunging hearts into mysteries which remain hidden to all but wisdom.  Hiddenness is not something imposed from without but mystery working secretly from within, concealing the Name from vanity.  Being incorruptible, the Name imparts immortality to all who turn and see.  Being resurrecting light, the Name imparts ascending and descending glory, revealing incomprehensible completeness at the heart of uncreated grace.  Ineffable glory is consummate completeness unveiled in accordance with the measure and capacity of the recipient.  Glory transcends separation and division to the same degree that wisdom dissolves confusion and cures delusion.  Uncreated energy is sudden in the awakened heart but assimilation by the soul and its faculties takes time, leaving an ineffable interfusion of the timeless within time which can never be analytically defined.  The Name is co-extensive with all that there is, being expansive awareness embracing expansive presence in all that there is.  The Kingdom of the Name never falls short of glory because the Name reliably saves, whatever is arising.  But the glory of the Name remains ineffable even as the Name saves, which is why faith trusts the Name even though glory passes all understanding.

The Name grounds the coherence of enduring meaning in glory that is timeless, beyond the grasp of temporal thinking and therefore inherently ineffable.  The wisdom which co-inheres in the Name is unsurpassable, just as the glory the Name reveals is indestructible.  Falls from glory do apparently obscure the revelatory energy of the unmanifest essence of God, but unfallen angels hidden with Christ in the heart continue to ascribe unwavering glory to God, so when turning turns, noetic vision rejoins the wisdom of guardian angels, making the two one.  The Spirit unveils the truth of this ineffable union of the invisible and the visible, embracing heaven and earth, in the glory of Christ.  Wisdom discerns glory so that glory shines as unveiled wisdom, ineffable but indubitable in the illumined heart.  This purifies confusion by unveiling true union without trace of self-concern, for it heals the divided heart with wisdom’s hallowing of grace, without self-interested interference.  There is synergistic co-operation, but not self-centred super-imposition, separating out glory from vainglory, releasing enlightening glorification of God.  Glorification is Christ’s empowerment of deification by the uncreated glory of grace, intrinsically ineffable in the glory of its consummating completeness.