Covenant of the Name in the desert

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The covenant of the Name is an everlasting covenant of peace whose foundation is wisdom’s embrace of glory that sustains the Name, ‘I AM,’ God’s indwelling presence in the midst of his covenant community and the whole created cosmos (Exodus 3:14-17; Ezekiel 37: 26-28).  This covenant of the Name in the desert is trustworthy and sure, being a covenant of grace in which God reveals God in his Name, saying: ‘I am ‘I AM,’ who is and who was always ever-present, forever aware and already present in your midst.  Turn and see.’  By right-hallowing God’s Name, wisdom gives God back the glory of ‘I AM,’ ascribing the glory of graced presence to God, glorifying God in his hallowed Name, his Kingdom come, his will done.  God’s covenant people turn and see ‘I AM’ in their midst, recognising God revealing God in his Name.  God is truly their covenant God if his Name, ‘I AM,’ is remembered, loved and known.  Prophecy knows God is forever aware, ‘I,’ and forever present, ‘AM,’ in his Name in the midst.  Elders give God glory as God’s covenant companions when his Name is glorified by his prophets and saints, who are in turn glorified by covenant grace as the ineffable fulfilment of God’s covenant oath.  Desert saints are sealed by God’s anointing grace of presence, evidence that a sealed anointing imparts the regenerating light and transfiguring glory of the covenant Name (See Isaiah 55: 3; Jeremiah 31:31-34; 32: 40).

Prophecy in the desert  proclaims the covenant Name with the prophets, ‘I am ‘I AM,’ that is my Name; I do not ascribe my glory to another’ (Isaiah 42: 8).  ‘I am ‘I AM,’ who alone saves’ (Isaiah 43:11).  ‘I am ‘I AM,’ and there is no other’ (Isaiah 45:18).  ‘I, ‘I AM,’ speak the truth’ (Isaiah 45:19).  Abiding at the heart of ‘I AM,’ God’s covenant Name, desert seers glorify God in the power of his revelatory grace, giving God back the glory that was usurped when the Name was subjected to vainglory and pride.  Restoring the glory that falls when confusion rules and division reigns, glorification hallows the Name in wisdom and welcomes covenant peace in the Kingdom of glory.  Falls shatter God’s covenant union and dissipate his communion of Great Peace but the Spirit restores covenant communion from confusion, curing division of every last trace of satanic separation.   It is the Holy Spirit who glorifies God aright with every breath, the Spirit whose unceasing prayer in the awakened heart restores glory to God, restoring the glory of covenant grace and peace.  

The Name ‘I AM’ is a hidden door opening into heaven, turning glory back into the embrace of radiant wisdom, opening light to ever-expanding glory in stillness, imparting rest in peace, gift of the covenant of Great Peace.  Eyes cannot see what the heart knows when the eye of the heart opens and wisdom sees.  The covenant of the Name is concealed even in desert wastelands so the powers of this world cannot get hold of it, nor tear it to bits.  Secretly, the Spirit utters ineffable words of prophecy in the hearts of covenant companions so that unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart may take root and flourish, like a healthy tree, yielding fruits of timeless life.  When the wisdom of the Spirit sees, the glory of ‘I AM’ is revealed, yet is safely sealed, as illumination ascends and glorification descends, emptying hells into opening heavens.  

Christ in the midst of every heaven, is ‘I AM’ from ‘I AM,’ enthroned in the glory that hallows his Name in hell after hell, emptying them of confusion and division as the chariot throne ascends and descends.  But Christ’s presence is hidden except to wisdom’s humble awareness, enshrined in the Name as the Name above all names.  ‘I AM’ is veiled in many ways and under many forms but none of them define who he is or confine who he will always forever be.   What is known conceptually but not recognised cannot save, but the covenant Name truly saves if it is hallowed on earth as it is glorified in heaven.  He came unto his own but was not received, descended unto his own but was violently slaughtered, rose again with all who hallow his Name, gathering all unto himself in glory.  The Name was despised but Great Glory glorified his humble awareness.  The Name was rejected, but Great Peace hallowed the hiddenness of his humble presence.

Thrice Holy glorification of the Name in the heaven of heavens radiates light and resounds with glory, dissolving confusion and resolving separation in pure awareness of uncreated presence.  Wisdom discerns the innermost glory of the Name as pure presence of uncreated awareness,.  In the heaven of heavens, robes, crowns and thrones of glory shine as shimmering symbols of uncreated light, being translucent symbols utterly empty of everything but the glory that they signify.  Flaming Seraphim and many-eyed Cherubim glorify God in his Name, together with archangels, angels, prophets and saints, all of whom are turning as they see and are seeing as they turn.  The Name veils wisdom unveiled at centre in the midst, unseen yet in-seeing with the Spirit’s single eye.  Each knows ‘I AM’ first-personally without interference from reified confusion or objectifying division whenever the Name is soundly loved and known.  Glory robes and crowns all those it enthrones, but the desert veils this mystery so that glory encircles glory in glory rather than fall back out into vanity or pride.  Stillness humbly preserves glory from the shallow glitter of external robes or crowns, ensuring glorification does not usurp the glory it enthrones.  Wherever turning turns, seeing sees and beholds the glory that enthrones.  This keeps the covenant oath intact by hallowing the Name. 

The desert treasures the covenant Name as a priceless pearl of peace, reveres Jesus who unveils the Name in peace and glorifies the Father whose Name he unveils in peace (John 17: 11-26).  Glory enthrones the Name, but the throne is shared with all who hallow the Name, all who turn and see, all who glorify God in the midst.  Wisdom embraces glory by glorifying God, including God’s God-centred glorification of God in Holy Trinity.  There is no strife nor jealousy in God the Holy Trinity, no war in the heaven of heavens where wisdom embraces glory.  Great Peace reigns where the Name is hallowed and Great Glory at centre enthrones ‘I AM,’ who is, who was and who is always glory unveiling glory, always aware and always present when wisdom beholds glory in the midst.  Great Glory does not glorify itself nor is Great Glory glorified for its own sake but glorifies God for God’s sake, forever emptying itself of itself as effulgent, boundless love, in an eternal covenant of Great Peace.   

Heavens within heavens unveil increasing glory within increasing glory, once heaven’s door opens and the Name reveals God.  Angels of wisdom serve angels of the Name but do not fall from glory by letting glory degenerate into vainglory.  Remembrance of God holds glorification steady, ensuring vanity cannot intrude or pride obstruct the uncreated energies of glory.  The heaven of heavens interpenetrates all heavens as an axis of glory but is not overcome by the wars and jealousies of fallen powers in the chaotic turmoil of the abyss beneath.  In desert tradition, the covenant Name is a heaven of heavens at the centre of every heaven, unveiling whilst safely veiling the light of glory in peace.  The desert is a paradise of stillness in the covenant of the Name, opening to communion in an eternal covenant of Great Peace.  The Name in the midst transcends all names and is enthroned in glory transcending glory with glory, glory that is ineffable when it is shared, glory that is ineffable in all it transmits.  The covenant of the Name holds steady in the eye of every gathering storm, releasing harrowed hells into hallowed heavens, restoring glory to God in thrice holy God-centred glorification of God, sustaining the eternal covenant of Great Peace.