Prophecy of Prayer

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The prophecy of prayer springs from God’s prophetic God-centred glorification of God, but it is the Spirit that prays with God’s God-centred glorification of God, so it is in the Spirit that the hidden mystery of the Holy Trinity abides eternally in the Holy of Holies.  Prophecy of prayer awakens wisdom to the glory of Holy Trinity, grounded in the enlightening glory of wisdom in the Bridal Chamber.  The union of wisdom and glory is the mystery of the Name itself, revealing the Word himself, the Word that names the Name, the Son that reveals the Father in the Spirit.  The prophecy of prayer is a mystical marriage of wisdom and glory that weds revelatory theophany and doxological christophany in the Bridal Chamber.  God is who he is, ‘I AM,’ revealing who Christ is, ‘I AM,’ in a union of wisdom and glory veiled in the Holy of Holies, revealed in the Bridal Chamber.  At centre in the midst, in the Holy of Holies, God is ‘I AM’ in Holy Trinity, but this hidden union is expressed on the divine-human plane by a Song of Songs of wisdom’s love of glory and glory’s love of wisdom in the Bridal Chamber.  Wisdom reveals Christ’s God-centred union which the Spirit reveals in a hidden work of unceasing prayer, the prayer of the Spirit in the heart, timelessly interceding with the ineffable invocation, ‘Abba,’ ‘Father.’  This prayer of the Spirit is hidden with Christ in the Father, concealed by the Spirit in the Holy of Holies.  It is not to be discovered on the shallow surfaces of reifying experience but is nevertheless discerned by wisdom, revealed in the Bridal Chamber of wisdom and glory, hidden by the cloud of glory that conceals the Holy of Holies.

The enthronement of God as he is, ‘He who is, who was and who is to come,’ in heaven, descends to earth when the Bride weds the Lamb in the Bridal Chamber of awakened hearts.  Prophecy proclaims this union as the Kingdom of God, whilst prayer lives this union as communion with God.  Glory is the awakening presence of the slaughtered Lamb, whilst wisdom is the Lamb’s own illumining awareness, renewing prophecy and sustaining prayer.  Wisdom is also the Spirit’s unceasing prayer of the glorification of God’s Name, where the Name is ‘I AM,’ and the Spirit names God ‘Abba,’ because ‘I AM’ the Son knows he is generated from ‘I AM’ the Father, ‘God from God,’ ‘ light from light.’  The prophecy of prayer enthrones God on earth, as God is always already enthroned in heaven, when Christ dwells in those who dwell in him.  Prophecy exposes fake gods to free hearts in truth for God, whilst prayer lives out this exposure as a regenerative Rood, Christ’s life-giving infusion of love, the life-blood of the slaughtered Lamb.  Prophecy of prayer proclaims the coming Kingdom, whilst prayer in the Spirit says ‘Amen’ to that glorious coming.  The heart is God’s when the Name is hallowed, and God is the heart’s when the Kingdom comes.  This mutual, reciprocal indwelling is the divine-human co-inherence which Christ imparts from the Father in the Holy Spirit, but its hidden inwardness is ineffable, divine communion at centre in the Holy of Holies.  The Holy of Holies conceals this mystery but the Bridal Chamber is where pure deifying presence is embraced by the pure awareness of that presence, called the wedding of the Bridegroom and the Bride, the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation (Rev 21:9-27).

The prophecy of prayer sees in Spirit and truth the inmost sanctuary of the holy temple of the heart as the Holy of Holies, which wisdom knows as glory and glorified awareness knows as presence of glory.  This illumined awareness and glorified presence is unveiled in the Bridal Chamber of the heart as a union of wisdom and glory.  Wisdom’s scope of holy prophecy is the revelation of the Name, but glory’s healing energy of pure prayer is hallowing glorification.  It is uncreated glory that enlightens the heart in uncreated light, transfiguring its glory with transparent translucence.  The goodness of prophecy needs the beauty of prayer to complete it.  The goodness of the saving Name is adorned with the beauty of prayer’s healing holiness.  God is always already all in all when the beauty of his holiness makes all things new.  The Name awakens wisdom to eternal life, welling up here at centre in the midst.  Wisdom’s waters of eternal life flow forth from enthroning glory in the midst, freeing suffering from fear and curing death of terror.  Nothing can intrude between wisdom and glory because nothing can separate wisdom from God, which is the quintessential mystery of the Bridal Chamber.  Nothing can obtrude between the Name and God because nothing can separate the Son’s wisdom from his Father’s Name, which is the hidden mystery of the Holy of Holies.

The sovereignty of God in God’s Kingdom of glory does not impose oppressive subjection upon seers but shares sovereignty with them by virtue of their participation in the glory of his reign.  Prophecy affirms deifying theonomy by inspiring prayer that liberates hallowing autonomy.  Divine grace releases human freedom to pray in Christ for all, by releasing human autonomy from self-interested conditioning, on behalf of Christ in all.  The unveiled face of glory liberates to the extent that the divine will is done and the Kingdom comes, when the Name is hallowed.  Divine theonomy and human autonomy coincide when prophecy and prayer coincide in the mysteries of synergy, which they do when the Bridal Chamber coincides with the Holy of Holies.  Glorification of God guarantees the glorification of saints because deifying intersubjective co-inherence releases sovereign subjects in God from all alienating subjection to fake gods.  Prophecy liberates by hallowing the Name so that prayer can partake in deifying communion.  Grace is glory self-manifesting whilst freedom is wisdom self-manifesting.  The prophecy of prayer communicates Great Peace, once all pretence is presence and fake gods are exposed.  Union with God replaces separation from God, once the Name saves.  The kingdom in Christ is inseparable union with the Father, once the delusions of confusion are dissolved.  Prophecy is freedom revealed whilst prayer is freedom lived.  Prophecy affirms this whilst prayer confirms it.  Prophecy from the Holy of Holies grants union so that prayer from the Bridal Chamber can communicate communion, wisdom’s communion with glory in the hallowing Name.