Wisdom of Completeness

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The wisdom of completeness descends to anoint ascending incompleteness, saving hearts from delusion and protecting them from distraction, securing them in the Kingdom of the hallowing Name.  Wisdom whispers to the troubled heart, turn and see, you who seek wisdom.  Listen to wisdom, you who have ears to hear.  Become by grace who ‘I AM’ by nature, you who awaken to the Name, so that ignorance no longer confuses you with God and fear no longer separates you from God.  Wake up!  Watch and attend!  For I am ‘I AM,’ the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, despised by all the reigning powers that be, but venerated and glorified by wounded saints.  I, wisdom, am ‘I AM,’ sometimes called the Bridegroom and sometimes the Bride of the anointed, accused of blasphemy by unconscious blasphemers, accused of idolatry by unconscious idolaters, accused of whoredom by unconscious adulterers but loved as the Bridegroom or the Bride of the Lamb, by prophets, apostles, seers and elders.  As wisdom, I am mother to those who are born again through me but also Bride to those who love me as their Beloved.  I am the ineffable silence that awaits them before, between and beyond the prophetic words of the eternal Word, but I am also the eternal Word, the naming of the Name as well as the Holy Name in person, personally present as the living presence that the Name reveals.  Attend, children of wisdom, as I declare war on your avoidance, to make peace between you and the uncreated energies of God, the Great Void.  Wisdom speaks thus to the desert, pleading to be heard and taken to heart, seeking to inspire all who love and hallow the Name.

The wisdom of completeness loves child-like simplicity, because it is straight forward and knows no guile.  Wisdom draws near to open, receptive hearts, delighting to be welcomed and recognised, remembered and restored to glory in the midst.  Wisdom loves to purify the heart and enlighten it from within, recapitulating the light of her unfolding trajectory with the injectory of her enfolding love.  Wisdom abides at centre where all centres coincide, ensuring that love’s gentle embrace is not abused, that her manifold grace is not despised or rudely trodden underfoot.   To overcome distraction or to continue to be overcome by addictive distraction is wisdom’s compassionate concern, who comes to save, not to condemn.  Condemnation is desperately afraid to lose control because by condemning others it gains enormous power to impose and control, preserving itself from love, distancing humility and banning regenerative vulnerability.  The desert draws dangerously close to desperate self-condemnation to preserve humility but by not despairing, discovers that humility silently condemns condemnation, knowing not to judge lest we are judged, always forgiving as we are so generously forgiven.  The completeness loved by wisdom is not rational in the way that condemnation claims it is, but loves the unexpected turn, the generous twist, the gracious leap and the merciful embrace.  The wisdom of completeness is irrepressible, which is why elders in the desert prudently decide to work within its ineffable secrets without stubborn resistance and without self-obsessed reserve.

The desert is sober in its embrace of wisdom, preferring quiet remembrance to frenzied ecstasy.  There is, however, a wise and valid ecstasy when wisdom stands out of opinionated worldliness, but this sound ecstasy is not frenzied, although it does know an ineffable joy, a joy that far outshines all pleasure, including worldly happiness.  The wisdom of completeness abides at centre where the Name is hallowed and the Kingdom comes.  There is nowhere else that it would rather be.  The wisdom of the slaughtered Lamb pierces the hearts of elders and saints, resurrecting them when death puts death to death, ascending with them when Christ’s glory welcomes them into his expanding, consummating completeness.  Wisdom alone sees through confusion to dissolve division.  That is wisdom’s work.  Christ indicates this by being the Word that severs every confusion, healing every division.  The wisdom of completeness is Christ’s gift to desert elders to help cure the saints of the many mutating viruses of counterfeit union, to inspire them with tongues of flame in hallowing communion.  Holy completeness completes what incompleteness cannot cure, so that wisdom can unite with glory in the Bridal Chamber.  Completeness heals what confusion infects with its diseased contagion, so that wisdom may abide in wholesome glory in the Holy of Holies.  The wisdom of completeness is boundless, liberating, hallowing glory, secretly working in the desert her holy mysteries of glorification.