Realm of Oneness

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The Holy Name of the Father reveals a realm of oneness which is shared with the Son by generation and with the Spirit by procession from the Father, oneness which is the Father’s uncreated presence always and everywhere.  The Father is the source of oneness, being the origin of generation and of procession, but the Son and the Spirit share in this realm of oneness, which is the oneness of the Father’s shared Godhead.  The realm of oneness is also shared through the Son, in the Spirit, with all who partake in deifying grace, for the wisdom and glory of grace grant shared participation in the realm of ineffable oneness.  The ‘no-thing’ that was set aside by the rational mind turns out to be the keystone of the realm of oneness.  This ‘no-thing,’ having no created characteristics, is none other than the uncreated presence of glory discerned by wisdom.  When the harvest of wisdom and glory is ripe, oneness is ready for harvesting as union and communion with God.  The Name of the Father is oneness that reveals oneness always and everywhere.  It is God the Father here at centre who reigns in sovereign oneness.   The world passes away but the seer who sees with the eye of oneness, although his body dies, does not taste death’s deadly sting.  True empowerment surrenders external power over others in the Name of sovereign oneness.  The Father of oneness is the source of this empowered oneness, oneness in action as uncreated grace.  The oneness of grace is too bright to perceive, but the light of graced oneness communicates oneness to wisdom as glory.

The completeness of oneness in the realm of oneness is not usurped by pretentious incompleteness.  Prophecy is incomplete but points, like an icon, to the completnees it mirrors.  Prayer is incompleteness calling upon completeness to bless and glorify it in its incompleteness.  As an icon of oneness, incompleteness remains incomplete, without usurping completeness but mirrors oneness as its image.  Angels partake of oneness in the realms of ineffable oneness, but point beyond incompleteness to the Father’s oneness that is at rest in its completeness.  The grace they  know is not contaminated by self-interest, whereas fallen angels have lost that grace and know it no more.  The earth gives birth to every human being in incompleteness, whereas the Father begets saints in his Son by grace, sharing the timeless life of oneness which partakes of his completeness.  The realm of the Father is the realm of shared oneness that does not, like the demons, usurp oneness by confusing itself with God.  Rather it is the realm of oneness generously shared, oneness that is at rest in its completeness.  The glory of grace embraces incompleteness without confusion, sharing oneness without division.  It embraces incompleteness whilst not confusing incompleteness with completeness, letting oneness be oneness without annihilating difference.

The mystery of oneness has its roots in the Father but the roots of union lie in the Son and the roots of communion lie in the Spirit, who bears witness in communion to the union of the Father and the Son.  Christ said: ‘I and the Father are one’ (John 10:30), affirming that his union with the Father was a union with the oneness of the Father.  But Christ also said: ‘The Father is greater than I’ (John 14:28), affirming that his union with the Father bore witness to the greater oneness which lies in the all-embracing completeness of the Father.  The Spirit confirms this primordial priority of the Father in his witness to communion with the Father and the Son, verifying the primordial givenness of the Father in the radiant realms of oneness.  Realms of glory lie within the Father although they are shared through union with the Son and confirmed through communion in the Holy Spirit, with the implication that oneness is not an ontological abstraction that drives a division between Godhead and God.  It is the oneness of the Father that is the source of union through the Son and the origin of communion in the Spirit, signifying that the realm of oneness is the Father’s radiant glory which he shares with the Son and the Spirit without confusion or division.  But glory is too brilliant to perceive, to grasp or comprehend so the heart of this mystery remains ineffable, shown by revelation but not conceived, perceived or objectified.  The illumined heart carries this ineffable brilliance hidden in the midst, the Father’s realm of dazzling oneness that transcends conception and perception.  To abide in this completeness calls for steadfast faith in oneness, without confusing incompleteness with completeness and without dividing what is indivisible in the Father’s realm of glorious oneness.