Timeless wisdom: transcending yet including time

The Holy Name unveils the uncreated luminous clarity of uncreated deifying awareness in God the Holy Trinity.  Wisdom sees with enlightened awareness the uncreated glory of deifying presence.  For wisdom, it is God’s timeless God-centred glorification of God that is decisive, not our temporal ways and means toward God from without.  It is not that temporal ways and means are despised, as if from its pinnacle of timeless glory, wisdom disdained time, rather, that timeless glory embraces time together with all its temporal ways and means toward God, with timeless wisdom that includes time even as it transcends it.  Wisdom is wonder when timeless glory transcends time whilst including every temporal way or means that is not yet ready to face glory face to face.  The unreadiness of the receptacle conditions the temporal incompleteness of the completeness open to it. The temporal incompleteness of the receptacle means that completeness is only incompletely witnessed, but this does not mean it is not witnessed at all.  Completeness is already present in wisdom’s awareness of the presence of glory, even when temporal ways and means stand between incompleteness and completeness.  Completeness does not exclude temporal incompleteness but includes it, otherwise it would not be consummate or ultimate completeness.  

The presence of uncreated glory to the uncreated light of wisdom is present in the Name, which directly infuses recognition of God in the midst, sustaining timeless remembrance of God.  Temporal ways and means intuit inklings of glory in flashes of lightening wisdom, incompleteness in touch with completeness as time within the timeless.  But grace imparts eternal life in the uncreated energies of wisdom and glory even now, in time, caught between past and future.  Wisdom discerns the glory of grace as timeless completeness even now, present in the awareness of the presence of glory in timeless presence.  All ways and means are implicitly complete when timeless glory is unveiled in timeless wisdom.  The Name transcends every theism or atheism that affirms or denies some way or means to God.  The Name names God at centre in the midst, communicating the grace of God’s God-centred glorification of God, not temporal ways or external means to arrive at God.  The Name reveals the uncreated light of pristine awareness that embraces the uncreated glory of primordial presence.  All ways and means are proleptically completed in the Name’s revelation of wisdom and glory that communicates the completeness of Holy Trinity.

Awareness and presence are united in the Name upstream from all temporal ways and means, but those who awaken to God in the midst through the Name, awaken to wisdom and glory in the heart, knowing the oneness of awareness and presence in the Bridal Chamber, hidden as mystery in the Holiest of Holies, concealed in the midst of the Holy of Holies.  Temporal perception has no access here, but wisdom discerns the glory of presence in the timeless radiance of grace.  Every way and every means has temporal inklings of this timeless glory, so partakes in its own way in God’s God-centred glorification of God, which is the timeless life of Holy Trinity.  The Name names God when it reveals God in his self-revelation, EHYEH, saying, ‘I am ‘I AM,’ that is my Name, turn and see God aware and present in the midst!’  The awareness is uncreated and the presence is uncreated because the Name reveals God, not something created that is given by God.   Neither something existing nor something not existing , EHYEH transcends yet includes created existence.   Wisdom decides on this, inspires confidence in this and practices the PRAXIS of THEORIA that beholds everything in the light of this.  Wisdom bears witness that the Name saves, liberates and releases all who invoke the Name to be saved.  Since the Name saves, why do we seek to be saved elsewhere?  Since God is hallowing his Name in Holy Trinity, why do we neglect to hallow his Name in Holy Trinity?

Wisdom shifts our centre of gravity from self-centred temporal self-improvement to God’s God-centred timeless glorification of God.  Wisdom’s awakening to the glory of this grace is initiation into glorification through purification and illumination.  God’s God-centred glorification of God is unceasing, being the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart that awakens the eye of the heart to the wisdom and glory of the Name.  It is God’s God-centred glorification of God that is decisive for glorification because it is God who deifies, not us.  True, it is God who purifies and illumines too, not us, but it is our synergistic co-operation with his grace that includes us even as it transcends us.  With glorification, our synergy is our inclusion within God’s God-centred glorification of God as our very life, which is decisive.  In other words, it is the life of Holy Trinity in us that is decisive and this deifying life includes us, even as it transcends us.  We abide in God because God abides in us.  The Father, being self-origination, is unbegotten glorification of the Son, who being begotten, glorifies the Father.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, glorifying the Father through the Son.  This life of divine glorification is hidden as mystery in the heart until wisdom discerns the glory of grace which communicates this mystery to us.  Our ‘Amen’ is our decisive ‘Yes,’ our ‘So be it,’ to ineffable mystery as it reveals itself in the glory of the Name.  But the degree to which our ‘Amen’ still imposes a temporal postponement on the glory of this grace, is the degree to which in our case completeness is experienced as incompleteness.

Grace, however, is grace and glory is glory, whatever the limitations our temporal postponements impose on our experience of completeness.  Wisdom comes to help us in our incompleteness, raising us into the glory of Christ’s completeness.  Indeed, Christ is our completeness, so our temporal incompleteness is never definitive.  Faith trusts Christ’s completeness to be our completeness so that in him timeless grace, not our temporality, is decisive.  This is wisdom’s incomparable and ineffable gift, wisdom’s Charism of Chrismating grace.  Grace leaps over time and cuts through temporal postponement, inspiring faith to trust grace.  Wisdom discerns the glory of grace in the immediacy of wisdom’s timeless awareness, arising as glory’s spontaneous presence in the midst.  This union communicates communion which elders call deification, which is glorification as it reveals itself within God’s own God-centred glorification of God.  Our ‘Amen’ surrenders all ways and means into the glory of grace.  It does not postpone the power of grace or distance the glory of grace.  Glorification holds this critical tension steady, freeing wisdom to stand steadfast within the timeless glory of grace.  The uncreated light of the Only-Begotten Son becomes ours when we become his.  The Spirit opens the heart to the grace of the unbegotten Father, deifying us in the Son, in the glory of uncreated light.  The wisdom of the timeless includes our time and temporality in its transcendence of time in glory, integrating our incompleteness into the glory of its timeless completeness.