Trusting wisdom’s recognition

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Elders do not trust themselves but in wisdom’s recognition of God present and aware in his Name.  The Holiest of Holy Unions at centre in the midst cannot be grasped conceptually or analysed logically without degenerating into reifications which seduce the unconfused into confusion and the indivisible into division.  Seers live from the mysteries of this union but do not presume to grasp at it as if it were something they could comprehend or possess as their own.  Wisdom sees what the understanding cannot understand, what rationality cannot objectify, trusting in grace rather than presuming to scrutinise the mysteries of glory that wisdom beholds.  Such trust is not confused with belief in this or that dogma because dogmatism reifies what it is proud to possess, so fails to behold the mysteries wisdom sees.  Trust decides to have complete confidence in what wisdom unveils, sustaining faith in the Name that saves, transcending belief and unbelief, as it holds true to wisdom’s ultimate concern.  

Wisdom abides in the ‘dazzling darkness’ of glory beyond the reifications of belief and unbelief, beyond theism and atheism, beyond all reified opposites that fall short of the glory of the Name.  The Name saves beyond beliefs and thoughts, severing awareness from delusion, presence from confusion, trusting the Spirit’s recognition of God in his Name.  Whatever is arising, trust holds to the uncreated light of the Name, trusting the Son’s union with the Father and the Spirit’s witness to steadfast communion with the Father in the Name.  Uncreated light purifies the heart of all confusion and division, opening mysteries of union of the Father with the Son, mysteries which baffle conceptual reification, sustaining wisdom in glory.  The regeneration of the degenerated imagination occurs here in this hidden centre of union, cleansing perception of confusion and apperception of division, resurrecting wisdom with ascending glory.  Wisdom stands steadfast in trusting recognition, whilst the Name liberates whatever arises into glory.

Name-hallowing abides in the Kingdom of the Son, restoring glory to the Father in his realms of grace, imparting sovereignty when enthronement crowns saints in glory. Trust trusts wisdom’s embrace of glory, releasing obsessive attachments into love’s glory, liberating love in the midst of glory without cessation.  Children of God by grace bear witness to the Son in the Holy Spirit, restoring glory to the Father.  Uncreated awareness conjoins with uncreated presence in the Name.  It is the Name in Holy Trinity that saves, not the self-imposed, negative asceticism which usurps God by trusting instead in its own straining and stressing.  The uncreated, creative energies of wisdom and glory hallow the Holiest of Holy unions in the midst, revealing a neglected treasure hidden at centre that is beyond all price.  Grace cannot be purchased but is far more valuable that any created thing.  Elders transmit this recognition and this trust, which is not their’s but God’s holy mystery of glory in their midst.  Christ seals this, his Holy Chrism, in illumined, anointed hearts, regenerating charismatic charisms from generation to generation.  Elders turn and see Christ in the midst, with hearts chrismated with Christ’s uncreated light, deifying hearts in his uncreated glory.  This Holiest of Holy unions transcends all conditioned unions, all temporal unions conditioned by temporal conditioning, liberating ultimate union from all reified conditioning.  The saints trust wisdom’s unconditioned recognition of God in unconditioned glory, holding steady at centre where wisdom embraces glory in the midst.