Cherubic wisdom: Seraphic glory

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Cherubic wisdom embraces Seraphic glory in the midst, enthroning the hallowed Name which gives birth to the Kingdom of glory.  In the Gospel of Thomas, Yeshua says: ‘When you give birth to that which is within yourself, what you bring forth will save you.  If you possess nothing within you, that absence will destroy you (Logion  70 Bauman 2002, 2008, 2012).  Cherubic awareness of uncreated presence embraces Seraphic presence of uncreated awareness, present but hidden in the saving Name, but when there is no recognition and no remembrance of God, confusion and division reign, destroying union and communion.  Confusion usurps God and division divorces God, leaving a desolation of degeneration until the discarded stone of the throne becomes the keystone and the forgotten Name is hallowed (Logion 66).  If awareness of uncreated presence is overlooked, the presence of uncreated awareness remains unrecognised, depriving the heart of the remembrance of God.  But Cherubic awareness conjoined with Seraphic presence give birth to realms of glory in the saving Name, opening awareness to uncreated presence and presence to uncreated awareness.  The mystery of the revelation of the Name, which is a saving union of wisdom and glory, opens heaven to earth and earth to heaven in the midst.

Cherubic wisdom awakens awareness whilst Seraphic glory unveils presence when throne mysteries raise on high the presence the world treads underfoot, like swine with a pearl that cannot be consumed.  Cherubic Hymns sung by Seraphic choirs glorify the Thrice Holy Name, but their wisdom chants remain unheard until wisdom is seen to conjoin with glory in the midst.  What saves from within is what burns if hells of separation reign, yet saves when it purifies, illumines and deifies, hallowing the Name on earth as in heaven.  Cherubic wisdom is uncreated flame embracing Seraphic glory as uncreated fire in the Holiest of Holies, hidden with Christ in the Spirit until awareness awakens to uncreated presence and presence awakens to uncreated awareness.  The mysteries of union and communion are hidden in God unless wisdom discerns glory in the inmost heart.  Wisdom weds with glory in the midst, giving birth to realms of glory and wisdom everywhere.  We come from God, Cherubic throne union and Seraphic throne communion upholding the Name at centre, and through Cherubic throne union and Seraphic throne communion we are all returning to God in the Name.  To fast from addictive worldly obsessions is to begin to feast on wisdom’s vision of light of glory enclosed in the Holy Name of God. 

Wisdom and glory abide in the midst, awareness embracing presence, presence embracing awareness, in each and every awakened eye of the heart.  Brothers and sisters in Christ are endowed by grace with the union of wisdom and glory that abides in the midst, abiding in Christ through the Spirit when hearts turn and see.  Awakening to wisdom comes into being to the extent that vainglory passes away, just as illumination in glory comes into being as vacuous sophistry passes away.  Blessed is the wisdom that empties the created into the uncreated and the glory that empties the uncreated into the created, leaving no trace of presumption laying claim to self-emptying kenosis.  Pride is empty vanity parading as vainglory or as vacuity parodying glory, whereas wisdom sees through parody to the life-giving glory that empties vainglory of pride, releasing glory into freedom, liberating wisdom into God’s hallowing glorification of God.  Awareness hallowed by presence gives birth to presence hallowed by awareness.  Cherubic wisdom embraces Seraphic glory that blesses Name-hallowing elders in the Father through the Son, deifying saints in the Spirit within co-inherent realms of wisdom and glory.  Cherubic wisdom loves Seraphic glory in whose light the grace of the Name transfigures hearts and hallows minds, renewing desert stillness from within, regenerating Hesychast tradition with mysteries of wisdom and glory from generation to generation.