Recognition and Remembrance of God

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Deifying recognition unveils the mysteries of the remembrance of God in the oneness of deifying glorification.  The Father is the ground of this oneness of wisdom’s uncreated awareness in recognition and the uncreated presence of glory in remembrance, communicated through the Son and assimilated in the Holy Spirit.  Division of good from evil is not willed by God but nevertheless arises within the all-embracing oneness of God who creates all, the oneness of wisdom and glory in the Name which empowers every restoration of evil into the glory of the good.  Separation of good and evil arises when evil falls from glory, leaving uncreated oneness unrecognised.  The power of evil is evident when the world, the flesh and the devil usurp God, glorifying the created in place of the uncreated.  The world degenerates into worldliness when it replaces God as the object of glorification. The ‘flesh’ replaces sound flesh and blood when gross materialism usurps the body of light and glory.  The devil pretends he is the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:1-3), when air is objectified and reified as just air, no longer translucent with the saving oneness of uncreated awareness and uncreated presence.  But the world, the body and fresh air remain primordially pure in God, becoming the world, the flesh and the devil only when the powers of evil delude and deceive.  Christ overcomes these ruling powers of evil on the Cross of unselfish love, initiating a new world, a resurrected body and air purified with the etherial translucence of wisdom and the celestial radiance of glory.

Recognition is crucial because it is the uncreated energy of wisdom discerning the uncreated presence of glory, first in the world, then in the transfigured body and translucent air of uncreated light and glory.  Without recognition, there is no remembrance of God, no awakening to wisdom, no deification in glory.  The radiant realms of glory are grounded in the Father, ‘clearing the air’ of satanic powers through the Son, infusing wholesome glorification in the Holy Spirit.  The heart is the temple sanctuary where unwavering wisdom reigns, where uncreated glory dwells.  The precious treasure of God’s reign of light is hidden until recognition awakens wisdom to glory as remembrance of God in his Name.  This pure realm of holy angels and hallowed saints is the place of grace where the Father reigns with the Son, restoring wholesome glorification in the Holy Spirit.  Victorious hallowing replaces worldliness, gross materialism and satanic separation with lucid translucence, purifying and illumining the heart, deifying body and soul with transfiguring glorification.  The awareness which is uncreated wisdom and the presence of uncreated glory are sovereign in this pure realm, free of the intrusive interference of obstructive delusion or insinuating deception.  The Spirit’s prayer is unceasing in its recognition of the Son’s invocation, ‘Abba,’ Father, a union and communion that is filled with God’s unceasing remembrance of God in Holy Trinity.

Remembrance of God in the saints is God’s remembrance of God in Holy Trinity, recognised, lived and loved as wisdom’s embrace of glory in the Bridal Chamber of the Holiest of Holies.   Wisdom knows no satanic separation, here, where glory knows no diabolic division.  Falls from glory happen when the world, the flesh and the devil intervene with their deceptive delusions, but angels and saints do not waver, because they hallow the Holy Name of God.  Awakened elders share in this unwavering glorification, which purifies and illumines minds and hearts, rooting the saints in God’s self-emptying recognition and remembrance of God.  Recognition is ultimately God’s self-knowing recognition of God.  Remembrance of God is ultimately God’s revelatory remembrance of God.  The saints are saints because they are partaking by grace in God’s recognition of God, filled by God’s remembrance of God.  This deifying grace is timeless, so is not the product of temporal ways and means towards God but is the glorious gift of the Son in the Spirit, grounded in the timeless oneness of the Father.  The Name communicates this grace of uncreated awareness in union with uncreated presence, imparting as wisdom and glory the divine and deifying life of the Holy Trinity.  Recognition is God’s ineffable openness awakening hearts to the remembrance of God as God’s hallowing oneness, God’s recognition of God, imparting God’s remembrance of God, in unwavering light of glory.