Union of Wisdom and Glory

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The invocation, Hallelu Yah, springs from the union of wisdom and glory in the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the inmost heart, crying ‘Abba, Father,’ ascribing all illumination and insight to the Father through the Son, whose wisdom and glory are trustworthy and true.  Christ’s kiss of grace inspires heart and mind with ineffable love, anointing the soul with hallowing fragrance.  The Name Jesus, Yah Shuah, pours out the oil of Christ’s mercy, embracing us with the gaze and kiss of grace in his Holy of Holies, where he weds us in his Bridal Chamber of deifying grace.  Christ in us glorifies the Father, as in the Spirit, the Father glorifies the Son, black but beautiful, dark yet dazzling, in wisdom’s embrace of glory.  The throne of glory sings Cherubic hymns as it burns with Seraphic love, sometimes as wisdom when awareness awakens to presence, sometimes as glory when presence overwhelms awareness.  

The Lamb in the midst of the throne is the Shepherd of wisdom, whose glory opens gardens of paradise to springs of living wisdom, wisdom that extinguishes sorrow as it opens hells to heavens of joy.  Scrolls of forgotten prophecy are opened as the prophecy of unceasing prayer awakens wisdom to glory and glory to wisdom.  The renewed temple of the awakened heart weds the sacred land of the transfigured earth, the resurrecting body of light opening to the ascending body of glory, rising to crowning mysteries in the reign of uncreated glory.  The ancient invocation of coming glory, Hallelu Yah, acknowledges the advent coming of glory when the Name is truly hallowed, when uncreated awareness extinguishes all separation, witnessing presence, or when the reign of glory is uncreated presence purifying and illumining awareness. 

The Name ‘I AM,’ embraces ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence, but sometimes the ‘I’ disappears into uncreated light of divine presence and sometimes the ‘AM’ transfigures into the uncreated glory of deifying awareness.  The Shepherd of wisdom is a good shepherd and so knows well the goodness of glory as wisdom unveils awareness to uncreated presence and presence to uncreated awareness.  Prophets of prayer listen well to the Good Shepherd, whose wisdom discerns deifying glory in the coming Kingdom and whose glory is the completeness of wisdom present in the hallowing Name.  Dark yet dazzling, the beauty of wisdom is glorious as she dances in no man’s land, in the pitted wastes caught between entrenched armies, shot at by both sides in every war.  Black but beautiful is the royal virgin, whose nard gives forth fragrance in response to the myrrh of his intimate embrace.  She hides like a dove in the crannies of the cliff, concealed in the clefts and crevices of Mount Tabor.  The beauty of his transfigured dove lies concealed in the depths of his gaze, the radiance of her love abiding in the depths of the glory of his loving embrace.  Her beloved is her’s and she is his in the embrace of the grace of the gaze and the kiss.

Wisdom turns as glory is turned from short-fall into centred union, oneness of graced communion as lovers discover the beloved is the image that awakens likeness, as the beloved disappears into the dark that dazzles lovers.  When light dawns, shadows flee, so beauty may lead her hidden way beyond the visible into mysteries that transcend gross materialism.  The garden was enclosed and the fountain sealed until wisdom embraced glory in the Holy of Holies.  The myrrh embraces the unseen nard, invisible but evident to the Spirit in the heart.  The garden is her heavenly earth opening to his shrine, his earthly heaven.  The dew of grace descends as the incense of longing ascends to meet as wisdom embracing glory in the midst.  Earth’s love songs shimmer with translucence when grace transfigures them.  Radiance turns dull lead to glittering gold, here, in the unseen embrace of wisdom and glory.  Where has wisdom gone, where is glory now, in this dark cloud of unknowing love?  Wisdom discovers the beloved is love longing to unveil the glory of love.  Love learns that every love is ultimately love of uncreated glory, even the love that falls short of glory by vain-gloriously loving vanity.  Love’s awakening to wisdom discerns the glory at the heart of all wholesome love, enabling love to embrace likeness in God’s image, liberating love into the wholeness of love’s glorious completeness.  Love is silent, eloquent silence, silence infused with poetic wisdom that leaves reifying speech free for science.

Shulamite wisdom is Great Peace, shalom, turning as she turns into a City of God, the New Jerusalem, turning as wisdom embraces glory with a sacred gaze and a holy kiss.  The descending Bride is a new heaven and a new earth, a renewed city of Great Peace, turning everything inside out and outside in, returning glory to God ever-present in the midst.  For God indwells the sanctuary of every heart, yearning to be loved, recognised and known.  The heart is the original temple, the primordial shrine of the Holy Name, the place of grace where wisdom discerns glory in the midst.  Wisdom’s prayer, Hallelu Yah, is like incense from the Holy of Holies enthroning the Amen, the ‘So be it,’ that says ‘Yes’ and not ‘No’ to the revelatory Name, ‘Thus so,’ ‘Just so,’ to wisdom discerning the glory of grace.  The ‘Yes’ of the ‘Amen’ is a quintessential ‘Hallelu Yah,‘ which cries out in every heart when hearts awaken to the Name.  Glory reigns when the Name is hallowed and the Kingdom is unveiled.  Wisdom discerns this glory when joy says: ‘Glory to God.’  The marriage of the Lamb is the mystical marriage of wisdom and glory in the illumined heart, the union that deifies seers in the mysteries of glorification.  When the Name reigns, divine sovereignty is unveiled in all who awaken, engendering not subjugation to God but liberating deification in God.   Glory clothes seers with uncreated light, vesting elders with uncreated wisdom as saints are crowned with uncreated glory.

Hallelu Yah invokes the Name as Chrismating oil poured out, as Christly anointing of the eye of the heart in the Holy Spirit, budding like vines coming into flower and grape blossoms bearing fruit as generous grapes.  When these grapes are trodden into wine, wine of love turns into love’s rich wisdom, welcoming love’s transfiguration into glory.  Glorification of the Name turns in turn into thrice-holy glorification, glorification by the originating Name, deification through the filial Name, sanctification in the Spirit of the Name.  Blessed beneath the gentle shade of the tree of life, wisdom dwells in paradise gardens of the Name, hallowed by love that extracts pure love from the venomous poison of divisive, demonic loves.  Blessed are all who are present at the marriage of wisdom and glory in the heart.  Blessed are all who experience the Holy of Holies as the mystery of a Bridal Chamber.  Blessed are seers who bear witness to the conjugal union of wisdom and glory as their martyrdom.  Blessed is the Bride who weds the Bridegroom in the Holiest of Holies.  Elders bless saints with the very same blessing that is forever blessing them, because the Bride becomes a holy gathering, a Holy City, a New Jerusalem, a royal sanctuary that welcomes saints into realms of radiant glory.  The City of Glory is a Bridal mystery, a mystical marriage which purifies and illumines seers, deifying saints in realms of boundless glory.

The glory of love is gathered into God’s temple sanctuary by virtue of the Holy of Holies at its centre, emptying out love’s vanities in purification, transfiguring love’s passions in illumination, deifying love’s shortfalls in love’s hallowing glorification.  Great Peace reigns here where Great Glory is complete with the ineffable completeness that embraces incompleteness with a hallowing gaze and a sacred kiss.  The New Jerusalem gathers all who are hallowed by the Name into gathering choirs that hallow God’s Holy Name.  Such gathering is the mystery of the Logos, who gathers the scattered into the safety of the Name.  Throne mysteries enthrone the mystery of the Name in the midst.  Chariot mysteries raise on high the mystery of the Name in the highest heavens.  Doxological mysteries deify all who are crowned by the glory of the Name.  Love holds a lost key to all these mysteries, not the love that falls short of the glory of wisdom, but the love that empties itself of everything that falls short of the glory of wisdom.

Love is love, a flame of the Name with infinite capacity to release all that falls short of deifying glory.  When wisdom turns back into the heart of love, love’s alchemical theopathy manifests, extracting gold from lead.  This alchemy of holy love was never understood by fear, but when love embraces fear with a sacred embrace and a hallowing kiss, fear begins to tremble, stir and embrace love.  But wisdom does not divulge love’s holy secrets outside the Holy of Holies, nor does insight gossip about the Holy of Holies as a Bridal Chamber.  The sacred alchemy of love lives from the heart of transfiguration, hidden with Christ on Mount Tabor, confirming the revelation of the Name to Moses on Mount Sinai, integrating the revelation of the Name to Elijah on Mount Carmel, sealing the revelation of the Name to Elijah with a whisper on Mount Horeb.  The flame of the Name is the living flame of love that pierces every heart with its hallowing stigmata, a piercing union of Cherubic wisdom and Seraphic glory that rejuvenates both prophecy and prayer.  But the silent union of wisdom and glory remains concealed in the Holy of Holies, preserving bridal mysteries from being profaned.  The glory of these mysteries is discerned only by the wisdom that embraces them with the grace of a gaze and a kiss.  

The logic of this insight into the function of wisdom is indeed circular, with the circularity of divine co-inherence, which is infallible silence.  Co-inherent infallibility signifies that error cannot intrude into God, whose divine wisdom and deifying insight into God is silently infallible.  Deifying co-inherence is circulatory but there is no access to it except through the grace of deifying wisdom, whose insight into God is not subject to deceptive confusion or delusory division.  Wisdom loves glory with an infallible love, love that silently loves as God loves, love that purifies and illumines human loves to deify them.  All else passes away except this eloquently silent love, love that discerns as it is discerned, love that glorifies as it is glorified.  When elders share mysteries of glorification with the saints, they bear witness to wisdom’s love of glory and glory’s insight into wisdom.  Nothing can separate wisdom from glory or destroy wisdom’s union with glory in the Holy of Holies, because wisdom’s silent embrace of glory in the Bridal Chamber is an embrace of the grace of the gaze and the kiss.  The union of wisdom and glory opens light to light without end, opening glory to transcending glory as incompleteness opening to ineffable completeness.