Throne and Crown

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The throne stands under the heart addressing fear, fear for one’s survival, fear for one’s safety and fear for one’s security, three centres beneath the heart that are created to be God-centred but which may initially be egocentric or ethnocentric if they are self-centred instead of God-centred.  The heart is at centre with these three centres beneath it, which are its throne, but there are also three centres above it, amounting with the heart at centre to seven spiritual centres or spirits, all of which were created to be God-centred in the Holy Spirit but all of which sometimes manifest psychological  and sociological pathologies.  Above the heart, the centre of love, there is the throat centre of communication, the wisdom centre of the single eye and the glory centre of the crown.  So the throne seated beneath the heart and the crown radiant above the heart surround the heart with an encircling God-centredness, one axial Holy Spirit manifesting as seven hallowing spirits spiralling through seven spiritual centres of hallowing glory, as the Book of Revelation envisions them (Rev 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6).  The sacred sevens in the Fourth Gospel and the Book of Revelation are revelatory icons of the sevenfold completeness of wisdom and glory.  The seven demons of the Beloved Disciple, which were overcome through Christ, turned from being demonic powers dominating seven hells into being angelic guardians of seven God-centred heavens.  Christ is the open door and the still centre of each heaven, but when demons are in control, they bar the way and hells remain hells.  When Christ is the way, the door opens to God at centre and hells are restored to heavens as God created them, welcoming wisdom and glory home.  This welcome is what Hesychast elders call the mystery of glorification, which is the experience of a Cherubic hallowing of a throne beneath and a Seraphic hallowing of a crown above, consummating being, well-being and timeless being above as crown, by securing being, well-being and timeless being below as throne.

Throne mysteries in our time have to do with the healing of paranoia, which is diseased fear, narcissism, which is self-integration degenerating into self-centredness, and nihilism, which is diseased relativity running riot as relativism, dissolving truth in the interests of warring, selfish opinions.  Crown mysteries in our time restore vainglory to wholesome glorification by the heart’s ascension to the crown, grounded by a descent beneath the heart which is a throne of wholesome God-centredness, uncovering true survival, real safety and lasting security in God-centred stillness, harmony and peace.  The roots of prophetic wisdom, priestly prayer and God-centred sovereignty are healed when the Christly mysteries of prophet, priest and king are renewed in prophetic wisdom by the high priestly prayer of the Holy Spirit in the heart, together with the enthronement and crowning that grounds sovereign freedom in love’s glory.  The sacred roots of holy democracy are nourished by glorification, for which Christ’s presence in the midst is decisive, the Spirit’s inspiration is authoritative, and the Father’s reign is definitive.  Christ is at the centre of all centres in the heart, with his invincible, securing power immediately beneath and his healing word immediately above the heart centre, surrounded by the Spirit’s eye of the heart above and enthroning safety below, grounded by the Father’s throne below and the Father’s crowning reign above, ensuring God-centred survival, safety and security below as throne with God-centred wisdom and glory as crown above.  Throne and crown are the glorifying energies of Holy Trinity above and Holy Trinity below the awakened heart, securing survival, safety and security in God below by communicating the word of wisdom and glory above, the consummation of being, well-being and timeless being above as crown and below, as throne, in the completeness of wisdom unveiled as hallowing glorification. 

Original glory is present when eschatological glory unites with it in the heart, present at centre in timeless glorification, integrating past and future.  Liberating glory is rooted in collaborative glorification when freedom and love unite in wholesome co-inherence.  This devolves outgrown centralisation into decentralised democratisation that renews the peripheries by devolving the centre, sustaining liberation with free co-operation, ensuring the emergence of new modes of regenerative co-inherence.  This restores trust in love and freedom in a world of proliferating scams, fraud and lies.  Scams play on the fear of fraud in order to defraud, whilst lying lies to conceal lying, subverting trust in truth and the truth of sound trust.  The Spirit of truth, however, nourishes sovereignty in all, by restoring wise prophecy securely grounded in the safety of hallowing prayer, love of enemies liberating freedom for sound co-operation, sustaining kindness with forgiveness.  Truly liberating democracy grounds collaboration in healthy spiritual sovereignty, securing free co-operation in wholesome, co-inherent collaboration.  Fear is sound when real survival, safety or security are at stake, but is defrauded by fear’s fear of fraud when paranoia runs riot, lying to deceive and deceiving to destroy all trust in truth, exploiting fear of fraud in order to defraud.

God-centred glorification heals these pathologies in all seven centres of every divine-human being, healing diseased fear with wholesome love, grounding wholesome being in well-being and timeless being.  Love of enemies cures enmity with kindly forgiveness, whereas scam power lies, calling truth and facts fake news.   Fullness of glory ascends to the crown and descends to the foundations of the throne, guaranteeing truth by trusting in the Spirit of truth at centre in all seven centres.   Oppressive centralisation devolves without disintegration when democracy devolves coherently through liberating collaboration into wholesome co-inherence.  Difference is chosen instead of division so that new kinds of co-inherent communion can preserve union from oppressive collusion or disintegrating confusion.  This grounds democracy in Christ at centre in the midst, enabling wisdom to listen to glory’s therapeutic glorification, freeing love to flourish beyond old prisons of abusive centralisation.  Primordial origination unveils the same glory that eschatological consummation reveals, but includes and transcends all that is of value in between.  The divine-human microcosm partakes in the same mysteries of glorification as the divine-human macrocosm.  Liberation is grounded in the same glory that unveils sound collaboration, but reveals new kinds of integral co-inherence on the way both personally and communally.  Glorification is co-inherent when wisdom is integral, curing exclusive extremes with indivisible differences, devolving new ways to embrace extremes without descending into divisive disintegration.

Throne and crown are very old metaphors that renew very ancient symbols embodied in traditional sacraments, Baptism enthroning the heart so that it opens to enlightening Chrismation, illumination that crowns the heart when Eucharsitic union hallows deifying communion.  Throne and crown are revered symbols that have ancient roots in royal Temple wisdom, giving enduring coherence to the primordial path of purification, illumination and glorification, both personally and communally, in generation after generation.  Both throne and crown are rooted in the Father’s reign as crown above and as throne below, encircled by the Spirit as wisdom above and saving safety below, centred in Christ as both revelatory word above, empowering security below his centred presence as love in the awakened heart.  The timeless completeness of glory embraces temporal incompleteness in all seven centres of divine-human being, well-being and timeless being, which is Christ at centre, Alpha and Omega, above and below.  The Last embraces the First when eschatological glorification is experienced, primordial glory beginning again anew in every moment.  The throne centres us down into God-centred glorification in the depths, whilst the crown raises us up into God-centred glorification in the heights.  Ascent is secured by descent, without which it would be unsustainable.  The depths secure safety that survives in God even when martyrdom deprives the body of physical life.  Saints bear witness to glorification long after their death, though for them it is not temporal prolongation but participation in timeless life.  Elders remind seers that their seeing is timeless communion of seer and seen, not perception of an endless prolongation of everlasting time.

Throne and crown are first and foremost wisdom symbols that communicate the mysteries of glorification.  They are also sacred symbols that lie at the heart of temporal monarchy, if monarchy survives into our own time as a living icon of these mysteries.  They retain a capacity to symbolise sacred dignity, nobility and authority, even when real power has passed from the monarch to indirect sovereign parliaments or direct sovereign democracies.  The throne is a symbol of sacred grounding as the crown is a symbol of sacred radiance long after secularisation turned them into demythologised energies.  But when glorification is neglected, because the mystical wisdom that beholds mysteries of glory is confused with idolatrous mystification, the coherence of sacred wisdom tradition is threatened with dissipating disintegration.  Elders are well aware of this and do their best to remind seers that without the co-inherent support of therapeutic wisdom tradition, maturation into hallowing glorification is unsustainable.  Throne and crown signify mysteries of timeless, deifying glorification, before they became symbols of temporal monarchy, which when it does survive, is a living icon of wisdom mysteries, revealing throne and crown to be far more than mere accoutrements of occasional coronations.

Throne mysteries signify union in the depths, whilst crown mysteries signify communion in the heights of deifying glorification.  As long as elders transmit these mysteries to the saints, divine-humanity is imparted both personally and communally as inspired prophecy, prayerful priesthood and royal kingship.  Throne and crown continue to transmit mysteries of glorification for generations to come, securing the coherence of the wisdom roots of sacred cultures.  A descending throne and an ascending crown transmit the mysteries of enlightening ascent and deifying descent, including the descent that enthrones what ascent crowns.  God-centred glorification is secured when survival and safety are God-centred, ensuring that the healing energies of wisdom ascend to communicate illumination as enthroning and crowning glorification in all seven centres of divine-human being, well-being and timeless being.  Wisdom’s sevenfold completeness embraces our temporal incompleteness with hallowing integrity.  Elders listen to the Beloved Disciple, who listens to the Spirit bearing witness to Christ at centre, Christ in the midst restoring glory to the Father of all glory.  Without the throne of the Father or Christ’s glorifying crown, glorification disintegrates into incoherence, depriving seers of the mysteries of deifying co-inherence.  Without the Father’s throne and the Saviour’s crown, deification descends into disintegrating dissipation, plunging wisdom into narcissistic paranoia that is unable to transcend nihilism.  But throne and crown in truth retain their capacity to sustain the glorification that deifies saints, regenerating therapeutic wisdom tradition personally and communally for future generations.  Throne and crown resound in wisdom song that renews Cherubic hymns with Seraphic chant, curing paranoia, narcissism and nihilism by restoring the pillars of the throne beneath and renewing the foundations of crowning glory above.  The Holy Spirit heals our seven demons by working as seven spirits in seven spiritual centres of hallowing spiritual energy, enthroning and crowning the saints both personally and communally.  Wisdom weds glory here, where throne and crown ground deification in co-inherent glorification.