Seven eyes of Spirit

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Wisdom discerns Christ restore glory to the Father in the Spirit, discerning Christ glorified ascribing glory to the Father in seven eyes of the Spirit which deploy the glory of the single eye of the heart to every centre of awareness and presence of deified human being, well-being and timeless being.  Wisdom beholds God’s God-centred glorification of God curing all seven spiritual eyes of blindness, turning all seven ears of deafness and hardness of heart, revealing Holy Trinity in action as purification, illumination and glorification.  The Spirit silences the mind of separation, as stillness liberates the heart from confusion’s divisive, egocentric and ethnocentric egotism, awakening the heart to wisdom that beholds the glory of the hallowing Name.  Ascending in Christ, resurrecting wisdom reveals Christ glorified and glorifying, opening mysteries of deification to the glorified.  The seven spiritual heavens of the eye of the heart appear as seven hells when hearts fall from glory, but are revealed to be seven heavens when Christ in the Spirit restores all glory to the Father.  The Spirit purifies the heart to awaken wisdom to the mysteries of purification, illumination and glorification, but without wisdom the fall remains definitive although its definitions are all deceptive and delusory.

Glorification is definitive for Orthodox Hesychast elders because the purification of the heart cures the heart of its hardened sclerosis, restoring wisdom to glory in each centre of awareness and presence.  When the eye descends into the heart, the throne upholds the heart which then communicates the word of wisdom in prophecy, consummating the eye of the heart with crowning glory.  This is the mystery of crowning that hallows the saints with halos of glory, depicted in icons of saints as golden halos.  Familiar to all, this imaginal language of vision is neglected when in practice wisdom is disdained, but springs to life when elders communicate mysteries of glorification to the saints.  The seven eyes of the Spirit’s single eye awaken the heart to the resurrected body of enlightening glory in Christ, whose presence is discerned when awareness turns and sees God through God, beholding God.  Holy Trinity is not division of God into three gods, but indivisible union of God through God in God, which is revelatory unveiling of what is always already the case, as long as wisdom embraces glory in the Bridal Chamber, which is the holiest heart of the Holy of Holies in the heart.  The eye of Spirit unveils mysteries of glorification in seven spiritual centres of awareness that bear witness to the presence of glory as wisdom’s vision of sevenfold completeness.

The Spirit is the agent of prophecy in elders and of glorification in the saints.  It is the Spirit that raises saints to the heights and depths of spiritual resurrection, ascension and glorification in Christ, inspiring prophecy and prayer in the heart.   The vision of the heavenly court in Revelation chapter 4 is the Spirit’s insight into the wisdom and glory of the heavenly sanctuary, clarified in Revelation chapter 5 as the Spirit’s vision of Christ,  the slaughtered Lamb, enthroned and crowned in that same sanctuary.  Elijah’s glorification reveals that the Spirit’s chariot of fire is Seraphic, just as the Spirit’s whirl-wind chariot is Cherubic, unveiled in the Spirit by elders as Seraphic glorification of the saints that turns their hearts into Cherubic thrones.  Chariot enthroning deified the prophets whilst spiritual crowning glorified the apostles, conjoined as enthroned crowning of saints in every generation.  Elders discern a chariot of the Spirit moving from eye and heart into the three foundations of the throne, being that ensures survival in God, well-being imbibing safety in God and timeless being sealing security in God, empowering the heart to rise as word communicating God, wisdom enlightening seers through God and glory crowning seers as saints of God.  A sevenfold glorification hallows temporal incompleteness with timeless completeness in all seven centres of luminous awareness and hallowing presence.  The eye of Spirit completes our temporal incompleteness as seven eyes of hallowing completeness, securing the foundations of the throne as it renews the resplendence of the crown, glorious among elders and saints in every generation.