Awakened Heart of Stillness

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Stillness abides at the heart of awareness where wisdom beholds the presence of glory in the Name, a womb of infinite ineffability that grounds purification of the heart.  Stillness does not waver from the heart of awareness that is awake to the presence of glory.  Beyond rational description, pictorial imagination and literal expression, stillness abides where awareness of presence embraces the presence of awareness, unveiling the mystical union of wisdom and glory.  The awakened eye of the heart holds all ineffable mysteries together in timeless awareness, free of error, one with timeless presence, free of obscurity.  Saint Denys and Saint Gregory Palamas agree that the circular movement of the eye of the heart is infallible as it unites awareness and presence in the ineffable communion of wisdom and glory.  Uncreated light of pure awareness turns back into the uncreated glory of pure presence, without dithering between assertion or denial, centred in the awareness of presence that transcends both proposition and negation.  When wisdom beholds glory, every perception bears witness to the transfiguration of phenomena, lucid with the translucence of wise insight.  There is no opinionated bias in timeless awareness, no heretical obscuration in the radiance of timeless presence.  Wisdom beholds glory in the midst, unveiling the openness of the uncreated expanse of glory, crowning not only saints, but all that saints behold, enthroning seers in the glory that upholds them.

The awakened heart is ineffably still, empowering the eye of wholeness to remain steady even when opinionated extremes pull this way and that, as, for example, in ecclesial gatherings that are divided by opposing opinions.  Wisdom makes peace at the heart of warring extremes by including what is valid in them whilst transcending what exclusion divides with its exclusions.  Extremes do not injure the wholeness of truth when they abide in the communion of stillness in the awakened heart.  Insight embraces paradox that holds opposing tendencies together, or else releases opposites to dance their dialectic like a Platonic dialogue, acknowledging their differences without dividing those differences into sectarian divisions.  Divisive dualisms dissolve when radiant stillness reigns.  Wisdom purifies the heart when stillness abides at centre in the midst.  Awareness is winged when every fixation releases, unveiling the presence of glory in indivisible wholeness.  Exclusive identities flow without confusion into ineffable communion if divisive dithering is stilled.  Elders hold open the ineffable expanse of wisdom so that saints may bloom with golden crowns, sustained by thrones of ineffable glory.

Stillness abides in the union of wisdom and glory unveiled by the Name, undistracted by the opposing opinions of divided minds.  When warring opposites arise, they are neither affirmed nor denied, but acknowledged in the spacious openness of expansive freedom.  The enlightened sphere unveiled by the circulation of the light holds steady, through wisdom, to the glory that encircles every opposition without fixation.  Stillness is not static fixation but unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart, unobstructed intercession which cures fixated thinking by abiding in ineffable glory that glorifies God.  The Spirit breathes peace into this stillness so that light reveals light and glory unveils glory.  Rest in peace begins now as death overcomes death, not way off in the future, leaving the present unredeemed by presence.  Conventional belief is determined by unconscious confusion that spawns divisive thinking, preferring consolation to transformation, pious ideology to wisdom.  Misconstruals breed endless misconstruals, dressed up as piety, unless the decisive severance cuts through and wisdom releases glory into glory.  Strain and stress cause exhaustion physically, mentally and spiritually, whereas stillness abides in peace.  Bright stillness awakens the heart to the grace of ineffable peace, uniting the mind with the heart, opening wisdom to unceasing glory, inspiring unceasing glorification of God through God, founded in God the Holy Trinity, unveiling and unveiled.