Well-spring of Stillness

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In the primordial principle or LOGOS, there is ever-present awareness, primordial awareness of presence and primordial presence of awareness, which together turn out to be wisdom’s primordial unveiling of the timeless presence of glory.  All phenomena arise from the uncreated presence of awareness, manifesting liminal presence unveiling glory at the heart of wisdom.  Revelation of the origin uncovers the glory of the Father, whilst communication of wondrous origination unveils the glory of the Son, beheld by the Spirit as the truth of ineffable completeness.  The light of awareness turns around to awaken to the uncreated light of truth, in whom the glory of grace is revealed as consummate completeness.  Wisdom beholds clarity at the heart of confusion and communion at the heart of division, practicing the wondrous union of awareness and presence as the communion of wisdom and glory.  The way of wisdom is inexhaustible as it uncovers the truth of the Name, just as it is unceasing in its prayer of hallowing remembrance.  The practice of wisdom is unceasing in its participation in the undying life of timeless glory, never wavering from its orientation toward the primordial origin.  There are those who distrust primordial wisdom without knowing that their fear amounts to an unconscious denial of Christ, who, as the logos, is the primordial wisdom of God made manifest.  The way of the Name is the well-spring of wisdom and the truth of the Spirit, completeness that empties itself of every conceptual attempt to grasp completeness.  Presence is ever-present but hidden, just as awareness is always aware but concealed, until awareness turns and sees the uncreated light of the mysteries of the completeness of glory.

Wisdom mothers enlightened wisdom in the womb of the Spirit’s motherly glory, even as the Father engenders wisdom in the womb of the engendering glory of the Spirit.  Ever-present and ever-aware, wisdom is infinite in her embrace of timeless glory, never-ending in her timeless presence, ever-upholding in her timeless awareness.  Emptying herself of all that can be grasped or possessed, wisdom stands steadfast in her consummate completeness.  The wondrous wisdom of the Son keeps to the original oneness of the Father by delighting in the Spirit, who, beholding this ineffable completeness, gladdens hearts with unexpected joy.  Mothering without smothering, wisdom nourishes by abiding at centre in the glory of loving communion.  Wisdom steps back to release the hope of liberation into timeless freedom, humbly restoring every vanity to self-emptied glory, securing enduring peace in the stillness of serenity.  Releasing control, wisdom does not compare or compete, letting conflict resolve itself in the natural flow of competing energies.  Purification of the heart happens in the creative tension of radical difference, grounded in the uncreated creativity of light and glory, secure as consummating completeness in the living well-spring of stillness.

Life in the desert wastelands of drought and scarcity is sustained by desert well-springs of stillness, erupting without effort in the midst of waterless destitution.  Wisdom turns aside to discover the unexpected, to uncover well-springs of openness that erupt amidst the clinging shadows of death.  Wisdom burns the withering wasteland as well as the withered bush when the Name is revealed, but does not consume what is created sound and whole.  Instead, the wasteland bears witness with the bush to the awakening of blind eyes and the opening of deaf ears in the hallowed desert of the revelatory Name.  The Name sees what was unseen, hears what was unheard, opening to what the conceptual mind cannot grasp.  The well-spring of wisdom in stillness is seamless completeness and imageless abundance but prophecy listens and beholds what binary thinking cannot approach.  Elders neither grasp it nor reject it but let it be, just as it is, in the midst, manifesting the grace that has no beginning and no end.   By letting be what cannot be thought or known, the poetics of graced prophecy is subtle and unfathomable, ineffable and profound.  Receptive to wisdom, the radiance of the Name is resonant as prophecy, regenerating purity of heart as prayer of the Spirit in the heart.  The well-spring of wisdom is stillness purifying the heart, patiently awaiting the mud of distraction, of itself, to settle in the pool of spontaneous awareness.  When mud returns to sink to the depths, stillness restores original purity in the clarity of ineffable awareness, letting awareness behold presence as wisdom of completeness, liminally present as glory in abundance.

Wisdom beholds all things through Christ, returning together to the Father in the Spirit, restoring the serenity of graced completeness.  The Father is the source of this completeness as revelatory truth, whilst the Son is the way this completeness is revealed and the Spirit the timeless life of completeness in the revelatory Name.  Disinterested love is gentle and kind, tolerant and amused, not anxious to impose or afraid of catastrophic loss.  Wisdom beholds the completeness of glory in the wellsprings of stillness, awestruck with wonder that glorification unveils grace that completes what is always incomplete within time’s divisive fragmentation.  Death kills what is temporal but timeless life puts death to death in the ever-present presence of awareness, resurrecting incompleteness as timeless completeness.  Immersed in the timeless presence of completeness, wisdom lives glory as timeless glorification, welcoming whatever life brings, including death.  Abiding at centre in timeless completeness, temporal incompleteness releases without division into completeness.  Trusting the way of the Name, the truth of timeless glory manifests and the life of hallowing glorification flourishes in the desert from well-springs of ineffable stillness.

Turning awareness back, uncreated light illumines presence with transfiguring radiance, infusing the ear of the heart with doxological resonance.  Releasing time and space into timeless presence, wisdom glorifies the Name that saves, having nothing to prove, nothing to achieve.  What appears partial is already whole when the crooked is already straight, when incompleteness is complete, when unknowing knows as it is known.  Only God knows God, so turning knows to turn and see.  Only insight knows glory, so seeing turns to be what seeing sees.  Trust lets grace save when the Name is hallowed.  Hope lets go so that light yields glory.  Love knows liminal presence is actually ever-present, ever-returning to restore original glory, as in the beginning.  Since love’s glory actually never left home, home-coming is always an experience of love’s glorification.  Glory purifies to illumine but does not fixate on purity or light as conditioned ways and means.  Wisdom beholds light of glory like a little child, astonished and amazed at the wonder of grace.  Void and form are always one, enabling wisdom and glory to conjoin.  The well-springs of stillness open wisdom to glory by hallowing what oblivion overlooks.  Holiness is desecrated if it is not hallowed but becomes an object of curiosity, oblivious to the hallowing presence of completeness.    Wisdom abides in glory where deification spontaneously glorifies all through all, nourished by the well-springs of abiding stillness in the revelatory Name.