Love in abundance

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Awakening to wisdom opens the heart to glorification of God in his Name, unveiling the ineffable abundance of love concealed in the glory of the Name, the uncreated grace of deification which shares God with all.  This revelation of love’s glory far outshines all that can be grasped or conceived, filling saints to overflowing, expanding them from glory to glory.  Love’s intimate glory is the Great Peace, whose secret remains hidden even when revealed, preserving mysteries from profane violation.  But love’s greatest glory is that the secret of peace is utterly worthy of whole-hearted trust, although it passes all understanding.  God unveils the uncreated face of glory by stripping off all exterior masks, tearing down lifeless idols and offering us life-giving icons instead.   Holy icons reveal God’s unveiled face in saints, reminding them of the glory of love by sharing with them his revelatory mind, the mind of Christ which the Spirit discerns, blessing the children of God in true likeness of his image.  Both mind and heart are one in Christ, one in the wisdom of the Spirit, drawing down the worldly mind from its twittering dissipation into the graced stillness of the silent heart.  God imparts his saving Name to unite mind and heart in uncreated light, sharing glorification of his Name and glorification in his Name with elders and saints.  This sustains Holy Orthodoxy in glorification, the doxological mysteries Christ came to impart, crowning his bride in the timeless completeness of ineffable glory.

The abundance of this love is shared with saints so that they may love with boundless abundance, never losing touch with its ineffable completeness.  Awareness has at its heart this abundant love, the love that embraces the children of God, drawing them out from what is known into what is not yet known, transcending all division between knower and known.  Beholding Christ as he is, awakens saints to his Name, ‘I AM,’ unveiling who he is in their midst, revealing him in them just as he is.  His Name unveils him as the uncreated light of the Father, enlightening saints with uncreated grace as the Son, glorifying the uncreated presence unveiled to his awareness in the Holy Spirit.  Delighting in the awareness he shares as his wisdom, his light is his life in saints, timeless in its decisive presence.  Divisive devilry tries to undermine decisive presence, but satanic slander cannot insinuate its false accusations between wisdom and glory, or separate the Name from God.  Demonic deceit spreads lies to insinuate itself between wisdom and glory, but in the Holy of Holies in the midst, timeless union unites heart and mind.  If the constrictions of fear do manage to insinuate themselves, wisdom bears witness to glory in the Name, laying bare in heart and mind the steadfast truth of union.

Abundant love stands steadfast in wisdom’s love of glory, inspiring elders to transmit the Name, empowering glorification among saints.  True Orthodoxy is right-glorification of God in love’s glorious abundance, not reducible to external conformity to institutional regulations.  Christ is the secret of love’s ineffable abundance, love’s union of wisdom and glory in the hallowing Name.  Wisdom unveils the mind of Christ as the glory of love’s abundance.  Love is the gift of the Word of truth which the Spirit of truth discerns as wisdom and imparts as glory to the saints.  Eyes cannot see, nor ears hear the wisdom that awakens hearts to glory, but glory keeps faith with wisdom when wisdom keeps faith with glory, when love keeps lover and beloved hidden, as in wisdom’s Song of Songs.  Peace hides her secrets from diabolical division, keeping faith with the holy hiddenness of mysteries instead of divulging them in glittering chatter.  The mysteries of wisdom are the glories of love, abundant because there is no end to them, generous because there is no limit to them.  Love in abundance inspires abundance of love that never abandons either lover or beloved, but sustains them when they feel abandoned, inspiring them to love as they are loved.