Uncreated Light

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Uncreated light is not like created lights that come and go, nor is it the product of conditioned ways and means, but like uncreated grace, enlightens all who turn and see God’s uncreated presence in the midst.  Uncreated awareness shines with the uncreated light of uncreated presence, beyond conditioned thoughts and oblivious perception, quieting compulsive agitation in pure stillness.  Inherently ineffable, uncreated light dissolves distraction and stills agitation.  Being the uncreated energy of God’s luminous awareness, it does not dither or waver in its unconditioned flow of enlightening grace.  Uncreated wisdom is timeless presence of glory, transcending temporal ways and means, spontaneously clarifying confusion as it effortlessly cures separation.  When turning turns and seeing sees, there is nothing to cultivate, nothing to grasp.  Wisdom’s way of abiding is witness to omnipresent glory, timeless and free, as the Spirit is timeless and free.  Divisive reifications dissolve in uncreated light, releasing turmoil into peace.

In wisdom, invisible creation was always one with visible creation, unveiling uncreated light that opens both heaven and earth to the same ineffable glory.  Whatever arises, whether it arises or not, is equally free of confusion or division, equally open to the uncreated and the created, equally transparent to glorious translucence.  Distractions arise and cease, when obstructions cease to interrupt and then release.  Wisdom abides in uncreated glory by virtue of her Pentecostal fire, her uncreated flame that purifies hardened hearts.  Awareness is timeless in wisdom’s uncreated presence, timeless in her witness to the revelatory Name, because uncreated light bears witness in awakened hearts to the glory of the Holy Name.  Christ never wavers from the glory of the Father, to which the Spirit bears unceasing witness, ascribing all glory to the Father through the Son.  Wisdom gathers turning into seeing, seeing that sees as it is seen, restoring glory in Christ to the Father through the Spirit, who brings the enlightened intent of angels and saints to fruition, through unceasing intercession, hidden in the depths of the heart.

Uncreated light of Holy Trinity is  unwavering in its generous grace and uncontrived in its liberating outpouring.  Wisdom rests in peace at the heart of creation, unrestricted by the strains and stresses of ambitious minds.  Self-interested effort reifies and so restricts the freedom of the Spirit to bear witness to glory, obstructing the flow of generous grace.  Grim determination to renounce is as restrictive as the violent struggle to attain, so the Spirit releases both restrictive obsessions as it communicates the glory of wisdom, abiding through wisdom in ineffable glory.  Neither seer nor seen are reified when wisdom abides in glory and seeing is God’s own God-centred vision of God, hidden but complete, ineffable but glorious.  Uncreated wisdom resolves all reification in light of uncreated glory, uncreated energy abiding in the quintessential heart of uncreated light, unconfused with conditioned states of peace or temporal bliss.  True purity of heart transcends all frames of reference, abiding at peace in wisdom’s uncreated light, transmitting golden radiance to saints in glory.  Wisdom indwells the eye of the awakened heart that transfigures saints with uncreated light, opening light to glory in countless ineffable ways, innumerable mysteries of ineffable glory.