Holy Trinity

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The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, drawing us into his ineffable abiding in the primordial union of the Son with the Father, restoring glory to the Father through the Son.  Abiding in God’s ineffable openness, the uncreated oneness of God is spontaneously present as a womb of indescribable glory.  Wisdom discerns the wondrous self-emptying of the Father into the Son and of the Son into the Spirit, without wavering from the union of the Spirit with the Father, through the Son.  Holy Trinity is beyond imagination but regenerates the imagination so that prophecy may renew prayer.  Inherently ineffable, the Spirit’s unceasing prayer purifies the imagination beyond images, by opening the awakened eye of the heart, beyond conceptual thought, to the glory of the Name.  Abiding in the Spirit, the heart dwells in wisdom’s insight into the tri-une ineffability of glory, communicating ineffable mysteries of glory to elders, who transmit them to saints.  Without the Spirit’s procession from the Father, there would be no abiding in the Son and no unceasing prayer of the Spirit to the Father, through the Son.  The Spirit’s timeless awareness of the presence of the Father, revealed by the Son, mysteriously enlightens saints who abide in the timeless union of the Father with the Son, partaking, as far as they are able, in the deifying love that unites them.

Holy Trinity awakens wisdom in the heart by opening the eye of the heart to God’s own timeless glorification of God through God.  The glory of ineffable completeness completes temporal incompleteness by transfiguring time with the glory of ineffable completeness.  All temporal frames of reference release into timeless glory in the Holy Trinity, in whom realms of wisdom and glory are revealed.  The wisdom of ineffability liberates every sort of fixated obsession, because the glory of Holy Trinity is this grace-filled freedom.  The Spirit’s unceasing prayer renews prophecy and prayer in elders who abide in the Spirit, awakening saints to heavenly realms that do not fall from glory.  These realms of glory abide unceasingly in glory’s love of wisdom, filling them with generous, loving kindness.  The Holy Trinity nurtures saints in this wholesome climate of loving kindness, generating goodness in place of ambitious effort and self-seeking reward, and in our time, manipulative spin and deceptive control.  Sound goodness is communicated by grace, love’s reigning glory, curing the miseries of abusive narcissism.

Holy Trinity regenerates fallen worlds by liberating glory from vanity, opening strain and stress to the serenity of sound stillness.  Saints rest in peace before they die so that when death occurs, heaven opens to earth with radiant serenity.  Divine hesychia, hallowing stillness, is not, therefore, an optional extra for those who abide in the glory of grace, but is the very air they breathe, without which holiness cannot flourish in a nihilistic world.  That is why glorified saints rest in peace before they die, so that when they die, they securely rest in peace.  Nihilism dissipates awareness by refusing to distinguish between truth and spin, distractedly dismembering the remembrance of God.  Holy Trinity reverses these perverse inversions without struggle, curing confusion and dissolving division.  Union with God, through God, in God, is the wisdom of Holy Trinity generating glory from glory.  Divisive separation is cured by Holy Trinity in wisdom’s realms of ineffable glory, concealed when pride falls short of glory, but revealed when humility surrenders to Christ’s Spirit of Truth.  Hallowing the Holy Name, Holy Trinity communicates wisdom by welcoming God’s God-centred glorification of God, which is the living glory of Holy Trinity: the Catholic wholeness of the Holy Orthodoxy of God.