Communion of Saints

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The Communion of Saints holds all things in common for the Common Good, because the glorification of saints looks back at the great revolution which turned everything round, as something already given, as grace already present, a cause for indescribable rejoicing.  For the saints, there is no trace left of inequality, of oppression, of widening rifts between rich and poor, because everything belongs to all for the good of all, including all fellow creatures who share their common life, including the blue planet itself with its sun and fellow planets, its milky way galaxy whose common life is held together by love, which science calls gravity.  The joy of hallowing communion embraces countless galaxies, including their numberless black holes which consume time and space, together with all the dark matter that we know is there but we cannot see.  This vast variety, visible and inferred, falls within the embrace of hallowing communion for saints who open the eye of their hearts both to the science and the wisdom of the illumined heart.   Indeed, it is their joy to the extent they restore glory to the Father, with Christ, in the Spirit, fountainhead of communion in all realms of glory.

Saints gather for the timeless, heavenly Eucharist that is remembered on earth in every temporal Eucharist, communicating their joy with one another, delighting in the presence of revolved communion, spiritual and material, revolved because all is now shared in common and no-one steals out of self-interest and no-one oppresses others at their expense, but hold all things in common in the interests of the Common Good.  Saints look back at revolved communion in all realms of glory, rejoicing that wisdom is able to embrace glory when old ways are released.  They continue to turn to see revolved glory in heavenly realms, releasing self-interested desire into unselfish delight, embracing divine-human union in many different ways, communion that is human as well as divine, like a cosmic Song of Songs.  This has always been the wisdom of the communion of saints, for whom revolved insight is already able to discern the revolved glory of the age to come.  For them, communion is holy but not puritanical, hallowed but not restricted, being freed from the austerities of the old order of imposed lack and restraint.

Saints do not underestimate the suffering involved in arriving at revolved insight, or disdain the Cross of the slaughtered Lamb that overturns the powers that be, because it is Christ’s crucified heart that beholds the givenness of ascended glory that turns everything right round.  Saints participate in Christ’s ascended and glorified wisdom that discerns the glory of the Eternal Gospel and the Eternal Eucharist, which know no division between Orthodox and Catholic, and no confusion that reduces unity to regimented conformity.  Saints partake in the timeless communion that is both Catholic and Orthodox, nourishing both from beyond their formal divisions.  The Communion of Saints is not destroyed by ecclesiastical divisions, but bears witness to their healing.  Revolved wisdom is truly revolutionary but transcends all social, economic and political revolutions, because its divine economy turns such revolutions inside out and outside in, as at Pentecost.  The communion of saints revolves heaven and earth in ways that permit saints to rejoice in radical revolution at every level and in every realm, being the revolved divine-human union of Christ, expanded from divine-human to cosmic dimensions of the Common Good.