Hallowing the Name

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When God’s Name is truly hallowed, as in an attentive praying of the Lord’s Prayer, the Kingdom comes, but confusion between ‘I AM’ and ‘me’ must first be emptied out, so that the glory of the Name, uncreated awareness and uncreated presence, is truly restored to God.  Hallowing the Name undoes division between the uncreated and the created by dissolving the underlying confusion, thereby righting the divisive wrongs of pride and vainglory.  True Name-hallowing recognises uncreated awareness to be the presence of grace when God is remembered, restoring, without confusion or division, the glory of uncreated awareness to God,   This is the function of wisdom that co-inheres with profound faith in God, bringing to light the deep insight that inspires both hope and love, together with faith, which without wisdom remain hidden with Christ in God.  Faith trusts the grace of the Name to save, whereas wisdom discerns the glory of its saving grace.  Both conjoin in the union of wisdom and glory that is communicated at the heart of the Name.  The remembrance of God begins with recognition, renewing recognition when God is remembered.  Science discovers wonders of the universe whereas wisdom uncovers the ineffable wonders of glory unveiled in the mysteries of the Name.  Wisdom and science do not cancel each other out unless division intrudes, confusing science with wisdom, which scientism does, but not wisdom.

Name-hallowing wisdom unveils God by restoring glory to God, undoing the delusions of vainglory, including unconscious depths of pride that lie concealed beneath oblivious, unhallowed perception.  These depths of confusion and division remain hidden until the uncreated light of wisdom reveals them, thereby unveiling the mysteries of glorification.  Glorification begins with purification through the grace of illumination, but matures to the degree that the remembrance of God restores glory to God.  Remembrance deifies saints when it renews recognition anew in every moment, hallowing the saving Name.  It is not the practice as such that saves, but the saving grace of the Name, which inspires the practice of recognition and remembrance.  Elders retain the insight of wisdom when they communicate the practice of Orthodox right-glorification, ensuring that the glory of grace grows into wholesome glorification.  In this respect, elders draw on the wisdom of the prophets and apostles in ways that, through the remembrance of God, sustain the invocation of the Name among saints.  Completeness is revealed when uncreated light purifies the heart and uncreated glory illumines the mind in the heart with empowering glorification, completing wisdom with glory in hallowing communion. 

The remembrance of God never ceases to unveil the glory that transfigures creation, uniting creation with uncreated glory in every dimension.  Transfiguration renews creation both as uncreated awareness and as uncreated presence, turning space into light and time into timeless glory. The resurrection, ascension and glorification of Christ communicate transfiguration anew as purifying and illumining glorification, granting the saints contemplative vision of the timeless completeness of glory.  Glorification does not automatically abolish temporal incompleteness, but opens time to timeless, transfiguring completeness.  Wisdom’s discernment is needed for glorification to complete the unfolding of its comprehensive enfolding, which is why elders warn against extremes which impose premature solutions that render completeness impossible.  Name-hallowing holds to the glory of grace, without confusion or division, curing the degenerations of extremism as soon as they arise, unveiling mysteries of glory in the hidden heart of temporal incompleteness.  Name-hallowing completeness purifies and illumines the heart with beauty of holiness, uniting wisdom and glory in the midst, concealing the Holy of Holies from profane scrutiny.