Winged Energy

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Uncreated energy is winged, giving creation grace to rise with heavenly wings into heavenly realms, like angels whose deified lives are winged, or Seraphic flame partaking in winged Cherubic embrace, images of the ineffable that resonate with music of unseen spheres.  Uncreated energy is creative, generating wondrous ways of being renewed by the uncreated imagination, deifying elders and saints with uncreated creativity.   These are wisdom’s creative mysteries of uncreated glory, not to be confused with all too human manipulations that aim to instigate and control revival.  The difference is almost impossible to sustain in an age of materialistic relativism and virulent nihilism.  Grace is inconceivable in an era that extinguishes glory, quenching the Spirit of Prophecy by crushing the Spirit of Prayer.  Wisdom awakens wonder to regenerate the energies of created imagination with uncreated prophecy, gloriously conjoined with the uncreated energies of prayer.  Schools of created imagination look to the creativity of uncreated imagination to restore wisdom to glory, opening created heavens of earth to uncreated heavens of heaven.

Winged energies may begin with fairy tales, only to mature into angel tales that fill apocalypses with wisdom vision, then to descend into imageless prayer, raising fallen angel hells to highest heaven.  The complete trajectory of mercy is known to seers and saints who are not blinded by self-centred self-obsession but illumined by God-centred remembrance of God, or if they are, restore them.  They rise to highest heavens by descending to creation’s lowest hells, at home in heaven because they empty hell.  The seven demons attacking the Beloved Disciple were utterly devastated to find their seven headed dragon transfigured into a seven headed menorah, a blazing lamp of seven flames burning before the glorious throne of grace.  Their seven smoky hells were transformed into seven blazing heavens with the help of wisdom’s sevenfold completeness, beholding sevenfold glory everywhere.  With the Archangel Michael at their head, winged angels of heaven overcame winged demons of the air with a victory that restored glory to God, glorifying the Father through the Son, one spirit with the Holy Spirit, discerning the Father’s glory transfiguring the Son.  

Heavenly realms abide in Holy Trinity, concealed with Christ in God, revealing thrice-holy glory to wisdom, through whom seers regenerate as saints.  Winged energy transfigures saints into angels of God’s presence, elders in whose presence God’s Holy Presence is ineffably loved and known.  Winged presence sustains heavenly realms like sunlight dispelling cloud on hallowing hills.  Winged energy saturates stratospheres of glory so that translucent air is filled with uncreated light.  Home to saints, heavenly glory permeates realms of translucence with hallowing love.  Wisdom embraces beloved glory everywhere, because wisdom is at home in realms of glory everywhere.  Nowhere is darkness shut out when winged energy is present.  Grace upholds glory so darkness dazzles seers with uncreated light.  Winged realms rise in Christ to ascend with him in glory, uncreated wisdom embracing glory in created vessels, broken to ensure light of glory is not dimmed.   Winged translucence is translucence twinned with uncreated light, quintessential glory rising with wisdom, co-essential wisdom conjoined with dazzling glory.  Suddenly, wisdom releases into glory, glory transfiguring into wisdom, winged union arising as conjoined communion.  Winged energy is uncreated but creative, winged wisdom interfused but not confused, winged glory filled to overflowing, embracing wisdom’s glory everywhere.

Christmas Eve 2021