Name of Completeness

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‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God’ John1:1).  The Word names God in the beginning, unveiling the Name of completeness that the Holy Spirit knows as Truth, the Spirit of Truth knows as Way and the Way knows to be eternal Life.  The Name is timeless life, living uncreated light as light of glory, enlightening everyone who turns and sees.  Prophets bear witness to the uncreated light of glory, knowing glory to be the light that darkness cannot overcome.  But many reject prophecy, persecute prophets and struggle to quench the Spirit of Prophecy.  The Spirit discerns the Name is uncreated light of glory enlightening everyone, but humbly knows this is not yet received or recognised by hardened hearts.  Those who do come to recognise the light of life and who trust in the Name, are born again of the Holy Spirit, reborn through God the Word in God the Father.  The Name reveals the glory of the Son, which is the glory of the Father, revealed in the Spirit by the Son, bestowed by the Spirit on children of God by grace.  The glory of grace is the glory of truth, full to overflowing with the abundance of grace, unveiling the completeness of glory. 

The glory of grace grants eternal life to all who trust the saving Name, communicating a fullness of grace that is complete, even though it is bestowed by grace upon those who are incomplete.  All receive this gratuitous completeness, because all who partake in uncreated grace receive the same glory of uncreated completeness.  Grace initiates grace but does not force itself on incompleteness but co-operates with it with its temporal limitations, grace with grace, glory with glory, freedom with freedom.   The Name is grace and truth unveiling the glory of grace and truth to all, but not all are ready to receive what the Name reveals.  The Word names the Name without forcing its truth on those who are unable or unwilling to trust the Holy Name to save.  Completeness is all-embracing but patient, overwhelming but kind, boundless but loving.  The Name gently nourishes those who trust its saving grace, nurturing trust that empowers fear to transmute into love.  It is never dictatorial but gently loving in its embrace, communicating the glory of completeness whilst embracing incompleteness.

The Name of completeness completes incompleteness with infinite tenderness, never imposing its timeless abundance but waiting until hearts declare their readiness.  Christ embraces Golgotha rather than impose himself on others, revealing how completeness of glory overcomes death by death, not by abusive power.  The Cross of Christ generously shares the completeness of glory with all, revering freedom by forgiving those who reject it.  Christ imparts eternal life by glorifying the Father in them, by bearing the weight of the Father’s glory in them.   He reveals the Name of glory in them by suffering the weight of glory as light.  He bears the burdens of all by uncovering the weightless weight of glory in all, suffering glory through all.  The apostle’s pun on weight and glory (2 Cor 4:17) echos on as the Word delivers all who hallow the Name, knowing in truth the way of the Name.  The Spirit’s unceasing prayer intercedes for all who hallow the Name.  Glory bears unbearable burdens by bearing witness to the completeness of glory at the heart of incompleteness.  The Name saves and keeps safe those who are incomplete by standing steadfast in glory’s completeness.  The wisdom of completeness infuses incompleteness with glory, opening earth to heavenly realms of glory in the power of the glory of ineffable completeness.