Vision of God

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The purified heart beholds the vision of God that illumines saints in the age to come, restoring glory to God that was lost when the fall deprived seers of wisdom.  The ineffability of wisdom discerns the openness of glory, awakening wisdom to the spontaneous presence of glory in the Oneness of the Name.  The Spirit of truth abides with Christ in the glory of the Father’s reign of the Name, witness to the glory of grace in the timeless presence of ineffable peace.  There is no purity of heart apart from the purity of pure awareness, no purity of awareness apart from the primordial clarity of pure wisdom.  Wisdom is the function of uncreated awareness, stillness the wondrous subsistence of uncreated awareness, the Name of three persons, one God: Holy Trinity.  If stillness arises without wisdom, it remains a conceptual abstraction that haunts the real presence of Christ like a ghost.  When the breath unites with the Spirit in Christ, real presence awakens to the Father’s wisdom as glory and his glory as wisdom.  Indeed, unconditioned awareness centres in the real presence of stillness, timeless completeness embracing temporal incompleteness.

Turning awareness right round transforms division into union by clarifying confusion into communion.  The golden clarity of wisdom purifies the heart by awakening awareness to the uncreated light of glory, unveiling the ineffability of wisdom in the openness of glory.  The spontaneous presence of glory unveils its ineffable oneness with wisdom in the mysteries of translucent abiding.  Stillness weds wisdom in ineffable abiding, raising awareness to wisdom and presence to glory.  The Spirit abides with Christ in hell as he raises those who co-operate with grace, resurrecting them from hell to heaven.  The Spirit ascends with Christ through all seven heavens of the Beloved Disciple, in accordance with the Fourth Gospel and Book of Revelation. Saints dwell through the Spirit in Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension and glorification, awakening to his Bridal Chamber in the Holy of Holies through his Song of Songs.  All these mysteries are ineffable in the openness of the Name, spontaneous in the conjugal oneness of wisdom and glory.

Turning is practiced by illumined wisdom at the heart of glorification.  Glorified saints do not lay claim to any of these mysteries without grace, because if they did they would be under the illusion they were able to save themselves by themselves.  They listen to the ineffable words of glory revealed to them by wisdom, which is why their love of wisdom is so strong and passionate about Christ’s infinite capacity to heal passions through his Passion.  Sometimes wisdom lives these timeless paradoxes without reducing them to easy rationalisations, and sometimes wisdom lives them in time as dialectical consummations that transcend all rationalisms.  The difference between timeless paradox and temporal dialectic is discerned in ways that cannot be pinned down or imposed by the binary mind but are acknowledged in hallowing remembrance.  Faith trusts timeless completeness to complete temporal incompleteness without imposing fear’s narrowing conditions or closures on the openness of glory.  Faith remains serenely confident even when all the categories of this world fall away, releasing wisdom to dance her wisdom dance in the dazzling darkness of her cloud of unknowing.  The vision of God stands steadfast even when all words and concepts fail, leaving only love.  Love weeps for Jerusalem, the Holy City of God, as she descends with Christ in the Spirit to hell, restoring hells to heavens in the image of Christ, whose vision of God unceasingly abides in the Father’s ineffable glory.