Giver of Life

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The Holy Spirit is the giver of life, unveiling eternal life in Christ to the glory of the Father, communicating deifying life without confusing the uncreated with the created or dividing their holy union from the communion of saints.  The Spirit is holy because it grants eternal life to those who turn and see the glory of God, unveiling liberating release in the grave, enabling death in Christ to open into timeless life.  The beauty of holiness cannot be objectified but wisdom sees the glory of holiness when seeing sees as she is seen.  It is wisdom who awakens the eye of the heart to turn awareness round to see with seers as Christ sees, but it is glory that awakens wisdom to Christ in resurrection, raising saints to see with Christ the glory of his glorification.  It is true that the Holy Trinity is revealed in the course of this turning, but it is Holy Trinity that reveals Holy Trinity as wisdom’s seeing, seer and seen.  Death dies to the deadliness of death when wisdom sees and rises with Christ into glory, to abide eternally in the Spirit’s wisdom.  Death is overcome by dying to death in wisdom’s ineffable abiding.

The Spirit, as giver of life, grants timeless life before we die so that when death comes, we live by grace the glory of eternal life.  Wisdom trusts glory to release life into uncreated light, opening glory to glory in Christ by abiding in light of glory.  This is illumination and glorification by God that glorifies God, a mystery of reciprocity that turns us round and restores glory to God.  Life breathes in life that is timeless, new in every moment, for it is always NOW that life gives life anew as timeless presence.  Awareness of this grace is wisdom that awakens presence as glory in realms of uncreated glory, glory that unveils wisdom without which eternal life would remain hidden.  If this looks circular, it is because wisdom is indeed circular, but not like an argument of formal logic, but like a wondrous home-coming.  This holy circularity is infallible because error, if or when it occurs, arises way down stream from it.  This is the holy infallibility of angelic vision which wisdom loves, not its parody, which demons know.  The union of awareness and presence is the unfailing source of glorious joy, joy that encircles everything, joy that welcomes home all who turn and see.  

Grace is glorious because it shares its glory with all who become aware of the glory of presence, revealing the holy circularity of uncreated glory in the midst of uncreated light.   Light unveils light so that glory reveals glory, rejoicing in the infallible light of glory.  Turning turns as seeing sees, infallibly, in ways that release awareness from dithering doubt, liberating presence from deception or delusion.  Wisdom rests in peace in ever-present presence so that doubt dies as all doubting dies, rising to life through light.  The error of gnosticism was to see wisdom as something so superior or special that it set seers apart from saints, whereas seeing is a gracious gift to all, restoring glory to all.  True gnosis is Christ’s insight into wisdom, calling all to turn and see.  Ignorance of glory spreads like a virus among those who believe, unless it is cured at source by Christ’s wisdom and ineffable grace.  Patristic wisdom cures the Montanist heresy of divisive prophecy and the Messalian heresy of divisive prayer in similar ways to the Gnostic heresy of divisive wisdom, by turning awareness back into the infallible circularity of Holy Trinity, unveiling  eternal life through wisdom, prophecy and prayer.