God-centred Wisdom

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God-centred wisdom reveals sound insight that sees that nothing falls outside God’s omnipresent glory.  Wisdom’s sound intent does not fixate exclusively on created things but focuses on glory which is God in action empowering grace, uncovering the crucial difference between self-centred fixation and liberating focus.  Insight is focus, not fixation, attentive openness, not conceptual reification.  The practice of wisdom turns into the ineffable openness of pure awareness, not conceptual fixation on what awareness is objectively aware of.  Wisdom turns the attention round so that awareness is aware of the presence of the glory of awareness, awakening everywhere to the uncreated light of ineffable glory.  Without wisdom, the heart is hard and blind, whereas wisdom steps back from oblivious observation and turns back into liberating insight.  Awareness is ever-present and presence is ever-aware in God’s Holy Name, awakening to the Spirit who abides in Christ, restoring glory to the Father.  Proceeding from the Father, the Spirit abides in Christ who awakens saints to God’s ever-present reign of glory.  Hallowing the Name of glory at centre in the midst, God-centred wisdom unveils God-centred glory everywhere, imparting insight into uncreated co-inherence throughout creation.

God-centred glory hallows created energies in all seven centres of created and uncreated grace, awakening the three dimensions of created space to the three dimensions of uncreated glory, uniting created with uncreated dimensions in the seventh dimension of the ineffable openness of glory.  God-centred wisdom is the key practice of those who see as they are seen, uniting earth with heaven in the glory of uncreated grace.  God-centred glory nourishes God-centred wisdom with the twelve fruits of the tree of life.  Nothing is left out or condemned to the seven hells of confusion and separation.  No-one is cut off from uncreated grace, unless it be that they cut themselves off by demonising the Holy Spirit.  Even so, uncreated grace remains open to all who choose to receive its liberating, God-centred glory, even in deepest hell.  Christ descends into hell on Holy Saturday to release those who condemn themselves to hell by demonising the grace of the Holy Spirit, reminding elders his glory in hell is timelessly unceasing in its hallowing glorification of God.

God-centred wisdom releases hells into heavens of uncreated light, liberating the light of awareness into the uncreated light of glory.  This is not at all obvious to those who cling to the created dimensions of length, breadth and height, but is evident to all who are embraced by the ineffable openness of the oneness of wisdom and glory.  Saints are seven-dimensional, unlike those who cling to three visible dimensions, ignoring with the hardened heart what it perversely refuses to see.  God-centred glory weds God-centred wisdom in the Holy of Holies, unveiling the Bridal Chamber, whose symbol is the holy sixfold hexagram, as above so below.  The seventh dimension of infinite completeness embraces the union of heaven and earth together with the gaze and kiss of ineffable peace.  Boundless openness is ineffably complete, without closure, completing incompleteness.  God-centred wisdom knows this because God-centred glory is this.  Awareness is all that it knows, just as presence is glory embracing all that it is.  God is at centre in the midst, everywhere and always, as wisdom sees and glory knows.  Wisdom nowhere falls into confusion or descends into division, because wisdom sees as glory is seen, hallowing the whole.