Joy of Grace

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Joy loves grace in the hearts of martyrs who suffer in Christ’s Holy Name and who witness to the knowledge of the Most High, sealed with mystery since before the foundation of the world.  Red martyrdom sheds blood that flows into the redemptive blood of Christ, whilst white martyrdom rejoins the uncreated light of Christ, both of them aware that uncreated life is from God, returning as one life to God.  Both break the seal that conceals wisdom within the glory Christ reveals, unveiling grace that transcends every contraction that imposes closure on God’s ineffable openness. Uncreated light unveils the face of grace with glory, abiding with Christ in the heart of the Father.  The Spirit’s unceasing prayer is that every heart may turn and sees, revealing God at centre in the midst, enlightened by the Holy Name of God.  Contracted hearts harden as they wreak havoc among the wounded as they suffer, dragging brokenness down into hatred and ruthless violence.  Enlightened hearts are wondrously expansive as love unveils the glory of grace, healing the frozen fallenness of mass sclerosis.

Joy listens to the voice of grace as it communicates recognition and communion with a whisper, releasing fear into mutual reciprocity and unselfish love.  Great depths of redemptive love open as hells are restored to heavens in the hearts of saints, for God created heavens as heavens not hells.  Heaven’s original perfection manifests to wisdom’s gaze, revealing the original glory of completeness.  Satanic corruption cannot overcome original completeness or cancel its overflowing glory, because wisdom sees through incompleteness to the ultimate glory of completeness.  When wisdom answers with the Name, hells open into heavens, releasing thoughts into saving words, transforming tempting logismoi into revelatory logoi.  Patristic wisdom does not disintegrate just because fraud confuses lies with truth to conceal lies.  Arrogance is not strength but fear that weakness will be exposed, but grace is strong in the original beauty of holiness restoring glory in the age to come.  The beauty of holiness endures persecution, knowing that death is overcome in Christ, that his resurrection restores creation to the holiness of original beauty in the age to come.

Joy is not sentimental optimism but unconditioned hope that trusts love to save, shining wherever turning turns and seeing sees.  Joy, like deifying light, is uncreated, cladding light with glory.  Garments of skin transfigure when glory clothes them with uncreated light.  Mere sentiments come and go, but glory abides.  The Name of God reveals the glory of grace to all who turn and see, vindicating wisdom in her children.  The hearts of tradition hearers turn to the hearts of tradition bearers when the prophecy of prayer is heard as it is seen.  Completeness comes full circle without contracting into totalitarian fixations, releasing into unutterable openness.  Wisdom songs offer up an unceasing prayer in the Spirit which opens fear to love and love to glory without end.  Totalitarian terror denies incompleteness because for pride, humility is unbearable humiliation, whereas for humble truth, incompleteness embraces completeness without despair.  Joy delights in grace that humbles pride to dust, rejoicing in the holy completeness of God.