Winged Chariot Throne

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Martyrs rise on winged chariot thrones, bearing witness to truth in a world that prefers lies it wants to be true, releasing totalitarian stealth back into costly truth. Christ is a haven of peace in the truth of his Name, stilling war by releasing error and terror.  The Spirit never strays from the Truth of Christ, even when Orthodoxy is martyred by the heresy of totalitarian Russian innocence.   The straight path of the Name reveals none are innocent but grace heals all, redeeming terror by restoring love, curing error by healing terror.  The Bride of Christ is parodied when Orthodox democracy is demonised by ruthless dictatorship, glorifying the dictatorial mimic who worships race in place of grace.  When insane destruction invades, imposing totalitarian power, martyred peace resists, refusing to be deceived.  Holy chariot thrones are winged on earth as they are winged in heaven, refusing to submit to the mimic’s parodies.   Wisdom glorifies grace not race, reversing demonic inversions, embracing original, enlightening purity, which is God, not Russia.  The Name hallows those who invoke God, bridging the divides that separate wisdom from glory, winged chariot glory enthroning Christ at centre in the midst.

Wisdom crowns the glory of thrones, suddenly shattering many veils, revealing glory in winged realms of the Name.  The way of the Name stills storms of confusion amidst divisive wars, re-clearing old trails amidst tangles of neglected possibilities.  The Seal of the Spirit conceals fountains of sound wisdom overflowing amidst unrecognised light, unveiling the uncreated face of glory.  Wisdom songs restore trust in grace as stillness opens to timeless life.  Peace reminds war that grace erupts when wisdom turns and sees, uniting Hassidic Kabbalists with Orthodox Hesychasts, together with their secularist successors, in living witness to the Holy Name by costly martyrdom.  Wisdom unveils the face of God beyond exclusive identities, freely embracing but then releasing them, restoring extremist falls to integral glory.  Wisdom songs celebrate the timeless day of the Name, re-awakening love of enemies.  Thrones and crowns are love’s glory winged, soaring over blood lands of destruction below.  Worldly pride restores pride to pride through war, but wisdom restores glory to love’s glory, discerning love breaking through into freedom FROM totalitarian pride and freedom FOR humble opening to love’s unknowing glory.

When winged, deifying thrones become chariot mysteries of martyred glory, unveiling revelatory wisdom.   Humility does not despise those who fall from grace but heals their open wounds, curing democracy of its many faults and weaknesses, despite being assaulted by dictatorial power.   The Cross of costly love opens its arms to all, resurrecting death by death.  This is Holy Orthodoxy, as Saint Silouan showed Saint Sophrony, transcending parodies that mimic God by demonising wisdom’s glory. Wisdom renews prophecy, awakening unceasing prayer, restoring yokes of love with freedom.  Totalitarian travesties eventually dissolve as wisdom breathes life into old sacred forms, revealing formless glory.  The marriage of Christ hallows his Bride in the Holy of Holies, envisioning martyrdom anew.  War destroys false peace, renewing peace in the Truth of the Name, transfiguring broken democracies in ways that transcend their weaknesses.  Winged thrones wed heaven and earth, rising through confusion to communion, soaring over demonic division into undivided, inseparable peace.