Uncreated Light of the Name

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The Name of God is uncreated light, turning awareness round from divisive separation into indivisible union, awakening wisdom through glory in realms of uncreated grace. Turning reverses the fall from grace by purifying and illumining the heart, awakening wisdom that glorifies God.  Effort is employed for a time to discover effortless grace, revealing the wisdom of theoria that discerns the glory of deifying theosis.  The Name is light unveiling glory, transforming the lead of oblivion into the gold of enlightened wisdom.  Turning, metanoia, reverses the fall from grace to reveal glory, awakening seeing, theoria, revealing wisdom making all things new.  Turning the light of awareness round is not what it seems, a mere shift in subjective consciousness, because it awakens the eye of the heart to wisdom, revealing uncreated glory in uncreated light, initiating glorification, and because when turning sees, everything is turned, revealing glory.  Uncreated light crystallises bodily energy into a body of light, revealing the body of glory belonging to the invisible heavens of glory.

The Name illumines sinners and deifies saints because it reveals wisdom in the realms of uncreated glory, rising with Christ into his resurrection and ascending with him into glory.  It is easy to underestimate the Jesus Prayer because spiritual oblivion reigns, blinding the eye of wisdom in hardened hearts.  The unveiled face of glory is seen only when wisdom, beholding God at centre, transfigures creation.  When the blind lead the blind, the ditch. is all there is.  Turning the light around unveils the body of light to be a body of glory, refining created energies in uncreated light of glory.  Dissolving darkness into dazzling light, wisdom is unveiled in a cloud of unknowing, revealing mysteries of glory through prophecy and prayer.   Turning and seeing unveil wisdom’s uncreated creativity, which regenerates creation with uncreated light of glory.

The prayer of the Name hallows sinners as they are transformed by grace into saints, uncovering predestined grace as eschatological glory.  Uncreated light is creative, uniting heaven and earth, revealing Solomon’s Song of Songs in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies.  Purity of heart is the fruit of wisdom, tree of life in the paradise garden of grace.  The Holy Spirit ignites the flame of the Name, awakening prophecy and prayer in spontaneous co-operation, transmitting wisdom and glory with ineffable freedom. The pearl congeals at the heart of union, like an embryo in the womb of wisdom, turning creation round into uncreated creativity, making all things new.  The Name awakens uncreated light with every breath, renewing creation beyond the visible heavens. Awakening wisdom, glory opens to greater glory, revealing God’s ever-present presence.  Neither in space nor outside it, wisdom reveals timeless glory in time, turning everything round whenever turning sees, restoring ineffable glory to God.