Way of Remembrance

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Wisdom crowns seers who turn and see uncreated presence, which prophecy calls glory, the throne of grace, revealing the Father of wisdom generating the Word in whom the Spirit eternally abides.  The way of remembrance perfects sudden recognition so that wisdom unfolds as remembrance of God, revealing God’s own God-centred remembrance of God, which is revelation of Holy Trinity.  God is gratefully remembered by his saints, whom God himself unceasingly remembers, resounding like angelic choirs chanting many names, each of which invokes God’s saving Name. Wisdom praises glory, abiding in the peace of the hallowed Name.  Glory praises wisdom, abiding in the glory of saving grace.  Heaven is home to all who hallow God’s Name on earth, abiding where wisdom dwells with glory in heavenly realms of uncreated light.

The witness of uncreated light bears witness to uncreated glory hidden in the Name, revealing the trusted way of timeless remembrance.  Holy hiddenness of wisdom discerns the mysteries of glory in the revelatory Name, dispelling the darkness of forgetfulness.  Hearts open to original purity when uncreated light dawns, awakening to enlightened wisdom when hearts rise with Christ into glorious resurrection.  The Spirit inspires seers who ascend with Christ into his glory, revealing hidden mysteries of timeless glorification.  Revelation of glory opens the heart to mysteries of glorification, ushering suffering sinners into heavenly realms of gracious glorification.   Watchful attention purifies the heart, opening to illumined wisdom, enlightening the mind in the heart, yielding healing in abundance through grace of the Name.

Wisdom imparts the ancient way of trusted remembrance because seeing sees that God’s own God-centred remembrance of God is sound, Holy Trinity, always worthy of whole-hearted trust.  Wisdom keeps her secret even as she reveals her mysteries to those glorified by love. Wisdom preserves trust from violation, guarding the saving Name from vain profanation.  Wisdom knows as she is known, by God, through God, unveiling the uncreated face of glory, without letting vanity profane God’s Holy Name. Wisdom in herself is inherently humble, spontaneously extinguishing pride and vainglory in angels and saints, purifying hearts by transmuting every last trace of subtle impurity.  Humility is endless, as Saint Silouan insisted.  Wisdom crowns the truth of the Name with her endless humility, powerfully reversing an old prejudice that says wisdom is always proud.  The way of remembrance crowns seers with wisdom, enthroning saints with uncreated glory, humble in the gracious hiddenness of the saving Name.