Wisdom, love and Glory

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Nothing separates wisdom and glory, revealing unselfish love through love, in love.  Love is aware and so present, here in the midst, revealing God’s ever-present presence as glory at centre where all centres coincide.  ‘I AM’ is God’s Name revealing God through God.  ‘I’ awareness is inseparable from ‘AM’ presence here, where their union blesses every perception, everything perceived.  Union with God is not our clever achievement but God’s revelation in the midst.  Wisdom sees what glory knows, for it is God who is seer and seen, God who is knower and known.  Wisdom hides at the heart of awareness as God’s all in our all, whilst glory is revealed as presence through our all in God’s all.  The Holy Name reveals wisdom’s embrace of glory, unveiling holy co-inherence of God’s awareness ever-present and God’s presence ever-aware, for nothing divides ‘I’ from ‘AM’ in God, nothing separates God’s wisdom and glory.  This inseparable no-thing is zero, a holy name of God.  Elsewhere the many proliferate into dissipation; here the many unite in God, through God.  Holy zero is love’s glory emptying all but God, emptying all into God.  God is no thing, no created thing at all.  But God’s awareness is in love with presence as wisdom is in love with glory.

What stops this from being divine narcissism is Holy Trinity.  ‘I AM,’ the Father generates ‘I AM’ the Son, in ‘I AM’ the Holy Spirit, unveiled to us in the Spirit as ‘I’ embracing ‘AM,’ trinitarian co-inherence.  We cannot conceive this but we can receive it, love it, live in the light of it.  Love’s secret is wisdom’s gift, hallowing glory, glory that gives glory to God in his saints.  The Spirit bears witness to the Logos, who unveils the Father’s Name, ‘I AM.’  Wisdom as Logos is present in everything as a logos or word of the eternal Word, an awareness of presence which unveils the presence of awareness, wisdom unveiling glory in the midst.  Wherever we turn, wisdom’s insight sees.  The Word is saying, ‘glory to God.’    Distractions arise but wisdom stands steadfast in the midst.  Everywhere present, glory fills all things.  Wisdom holds together what otherwise flies apart.

There is no end to the Kingdom of Joy arising when awareness conjoins with presence, wisdom with glory.  Wisdom gives herself as uncreated grace blessing all through all, whilst glory blesses every ‘yes’ to grace in all for all.  There is no limit to this joy although distraction cuts us off.  There is no lack to this blessing, although few welcome it.  So although grace imparts joy everywhere, we live as if we were separated from it, as if separation defines God because it defines us.  Wisdom comes to release us from this, ease us out of it, open us to the grace of the Name, unveil love to us in the midst.  This has always been wisdom’s Eternal Gospel, but since wisdom was despised, it was rejected.  Separation reigned.  Pride arose.  Hell closed in.

Nothing can separate wisdom and glory, as the Name has always known, to which the Spirit bears timeless witness.  The Spirit of Truth unveils this.  It is not that we know this but that God knows it, sharing his wisdom with us.  Saints bear witness to this because they can no longer distance it.  For them, blessing overwhelms all shallow prevarication.   Joy silences all narrow precaution.  Grateful to elders who handed this on as grace from heaven, saints become the prophets and apostles of their own time, making their time a timely union of all time in the timeless presence of glory.  For ‘I AM’ is the same hallowing ‘I AM’ yesterday, today and forever.  Before time, ‘I AM.’  After time, ‘I AM,’ releasing awareness into presence as wisdom into glory.  Back then, this seemed far off, but now it is what it always is, was and shall ever be.  Love’s glory knows this.  It is nothing unusual.  It just is as it is.  So how does pride fare?  Nothing to get hold of.  Release releases it, leaving no trace.  Aware therefore present, present so aware, who can lay claim to this, and with what?  Wisdom frees and glory empties vanity out of vainglory, leaving glory to embrace all glory through God.  Love’s glory releases vanity, securing wisdom in God, ascribing all glory to God.

Glory imparts glorification as wisdom’s grace, not as an optional extra tagged on at the end.  Illumination that is not glorification is partial not complete, initial not fulfilled.  The grace of turning sees glory conjoined with wisdom.  It cannot wait.  It cannot be postponed.  A culture of wisdom is a culture of glorification and it is this that gives us the true meaning of the word ‘Orthodox.’  All the rest is preamble, preparation, at best, purification.  Wisdom is the point.  Glory is the meaning.  Love is the expression.  The Name is always already a sacred dance, a conjugal embrace, a union of wisdom and glory.   It reveals what it always was.  ‘I AM’ unveils ‘I AM’ wherever ‘I AM’ is named.  Love sings.  Love is what inspires all wisdom’s Holy Odes.  Love is what hallows saints.  This is the living tradition that renews itself through wisdom.  This is the wisdom that renews glory with glory.  The unveiled Face of God is everywhere.  Wisdom sees.  Glory knows.  Love dances their union, their holy communion.