Culture of Gift

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Wisdom unveils the mysteries of Christ as a radical counter-culture of gift, grace lived as glory given and received.  This culture of gift has very ancient roots in Israel’s Bridal Time when all things were held in common and mutual exchange was gift.  Wisdom remembers that gift predates price, that generosity precedes the market and production to fulfil real needs outruns production for private profit.  As green new deals begin to unfold, there is fear that our consumer world will be impoverished, whereas desert wisdom remembers that mutual gift is the foundation of holy poverty and the Kingdom of Heaven.  Wisdom reminds elders of the glory of abundant grace, transfiguring saints with generous gifts, God giving God through God, sharing Holy Trinity.  God from God is gift, not commodity.  ‘I AM from ‘I AM’ is grace not profit, inspiring centuries of prophecy and sacred communion.  Ancient craft guilds and modern trades unions share common roots in mutual co-operation and the radical culture of gift, older by far than the temple hoards that were the first banks.  When wisdom purifies to illumine the heart, she remembers that glory is gift, restoring glory that was lost, glory that opens to glory as generous gift.  The Great Turn is glory restoring and transforming, glory offering generous harvests of wisdom to all. 

Sacred synergy is holy co-operation between divine gift and holy sharing, free at the moment of need, inspiring many kinds of mutual gift.  But a national health service struggles to survive in a world of rampant privatisation and consumerism, because it has deep roots in far older social wisdoms.  Booms burst and booms bust, an excuse to impose austerity, generating mountains of uninvested capital, the rich getting richer and the poor far poorer, devastating the planet.  Glory remembers an older way, sacred synergy, wisdom calling from beyond the market, recalling holy gift and hallowing co-operation.  Wisdom has always democratised temple mysteries, opening the resources of glory to all.  There is no real loss when false needs are no longer met, when the vanity of vainglory vanishes.  We begin by remembering the green deals that created us, enabling green new deals to build on all that is sound and wholesome, new deals that share what belongs to all with all.  God shares God with all, generously giving God through God to all.  Glory shares glory with all when wisdom cuts through self-interest and leaps over greed and pride.  Wisdom inspires prophecy, restoring cultures of gift and generous sharing of all with all.  Wholesome roots predate consumerism, offering sustenance when vain booms burst.

The saints bear witness to glory freely shared as glorification in every generation.  This unpacks as glory freely shared with all, empowering all in our time.  Green new deals only look new because greed has reigned for so long.  In fact, they restore old golden deals that wisdom has always remembered.  Golden deals are abundant grace, free of self-interest, freeing gift to open the original golden deal of glory to all through all.  Wisdom was always received without self-interest and passed on without reserve.  Post-boom austerity tries to preserve a culture of fear and control but being unacknowledged theft never actually succeeds, because generous gift lies at the heart of things and always invests in hope.  Prophecy remembers Israel’s Bridal Time, her culture of Jubilee, drawing on resources of hope and harmony that never run out.  Greed may very well be seriously close to destroying our generous planet, stifling life with plastic waste.  It may already be too late in certain spheres but hope trusts wholesome grace to heal what we have devastated.  Prophecy recalls wisdom to glory at the eleventh hour, opening glory to glory beyond vanity, restoring green new deals in the generous light of the original golden deal of glory.