Realms of light and glory

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Wisdom abides in timeless realms of light and glory.  The Holy Name saves as uncreated light unveiling ineffable completeness, opening translucent wisdom to transfiguring glory, divine awareness to deifying presence, imparted by the Spirit’s direct transmission.  The oneness of awareness and presence is evident in the Name ‘I AM,’ wisdom transfigured by glory, glory translucent with wisdom.  The hidden meaning of the saving Name is that everything is translucent for wisdom just as everything is transfigured by glory.  Nothing wavers from glory although this is clear only to wisdom, not to blind thought or sensation, nor to deaf reason or oblivious imagination.  Both wisdom and glory are truly ineffable, so wise awareness of the presence of glory lies beyond literal description and conceptual expression.  This means that the Name reveals integral completeness beyond every subtle machination of error, dispelling confusion and healing division.  When error arises, it cannot obscure wisdom’s embrace of glory in the midst.  Uncreated light gives wisdom the capacity to see through divisive extremes and is therefore free of every kind of extremism.  Glory does not get caught up in the tangle of strain or stress but communicates deifying grace that calls for grateful co-operation, without letting self-interested effort intrude or obstruct.  Wisdom is always enlightened awareness just as glory is always luminously present, meaning that the Name is always saving, and unlike us, does not require saving.  ‘I AM’ is indivisible into temporal division or spatial separation, offering liberation from temporal or spatial conditioning.  Glory is ineffable whether is is recognised to be ineffable or not and so frees from fixation the moment it is recognised.

Wisdom abides in glory, granting freedom from fixations even as they arise.  Prayer in the Spirit frees glory from vanity so that vainglory releases glory through glory, increasing glory into expanding glory without trace of obstruction.  This freedom comes from God, leading through God to God; it is not something limited by temporal or spatial conditions or conditioned by any conditioning conditions whatever.  Grace is uncreated and so the way of grace transcends conditioned ways and means.  Wisdom abides in glory, revealing Holy Trinity, which also means that wisdom abiding in glory is revealed by Holy Trinity.  Truth is circular because God’s troth of Tri-une co-inherence joins together as Logos what confusion divides.  There is no necessity for the deluded mind to accept or reject this because wisdom unveils glory whether there is delusion or not.  Wisdom turns to see delusion dissolve confusion and glory unveil union even as communion dispels dissipation in the midst.  Delusion defines all spiritual ways and means that start out from delusion, so wisdom cuts through confusion and leaps over delusion by beginning at the end, retracing glory back to the beginning so as to arrive at glory ever-present, God’s Kingdom come in glory as the hallowing revelation of the Name.

Wisdom does not stray from glory, being the unconditioned expression of ‘I AM’ generating ‘I AM,’ the Father generating the Son, witnessed by the Spirit, ‘I AM’ proceeding from ‘I AM.’  ‘I AM’ abides in ‘I AM’ as the Spirit indwelling the Son, ascribing glory to the Father as wisdom unveiling glory, awareness awake to presence, opening the eye of the heart.  The ineffability of wisdom and glory leaves no visible trace on the material plane, because uncreated wisdom beholds uncreated glory in God through God, not as an external acquisition that leaves the heart blind and deaf to God.  If God is usurped in the midst, wisdom is lost and proud presumption corrupts.  Between wisdom and glory, there is nothing created to interfere or intrude because there is no division in God between God and God.  That is why wisdom is without error in her embrace of glory and that is why saints share with unfallen angels this infallible glorification of God.  The secrets of wisdom were never concealed among cherubic seers nor the mysteries of glory hidden among seraphic witnesses to uncreated fire.  Awareness embraces presence in the Holy of Holies, showing the enlightened intent of wisdom to be glory, glory restoring glory to God.  Wisdom enlightens the eye of the heart with glory from God, inspiring glorification of God which glorifies God’s seers.  The realm of wisdom reveals glory, just as the realm of glory sustains wisdom, conjoining as co-inherent realms of mutual abiding, realms of wisdom and glory imparting union with God.