Timeless openness

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Wisdom is timeless openness of glory unveiling the timeless radiance of grace.  Wisdom awakens the heart to glory by cutting through confusion and leaping over separation, beginning at the end where God unveils God in his Name.  To begin at the end means the Alpha initiates wisdom with the Omega of ‘I AM,’ revealing glory which is the timeless openness of the Age of the Name.  The Omega unveils the Alpha that overcomes confusion, revealing without division the ever-present presence of glory.  This glory is indivisibly one with wisdom in the Name, abiding at centre in the midst, waiting to be loved and known.  Timeless abiding rests in peace at centre as ineffable prayer of the Holy Spirit in the heart.  The Spirit prays unceasingly through the Son, crying ‘Abba, Father!’  But this prayer is not some sort of reified activity that rivals other activities.  It hides with Christ in God so profoundly that it is rarely visible even to the eye of faith.  Believers who cling to their beliefs allow their beliefs to separate them from unceasing prayer, pushing wisdom into the future and glory into the past so that separation reigns supreme.  Prayer is misconstrued so that its ineffability is lost and opinions harden into heresies that drive extremes to extremism again and again.  Awareness hardens into subjective oppression and presence reifies into objectified delusion, turning to stone what began as uncreated creative energy, wisdom and glory in love with each other in every perception.   Beliefs are as blind as opinions and should never be confused with healthy trust.

Wisdom is definitive openness when she is direct and decisive, which is when she is spiritually incisive in the midst.  Confusion dissolves so that division resolves into the Spirit’s union and the Son’s communion.  Glory is a decisive experience not a conceptual abstraction, and joy irrupts with spontaneous immediacy the moment timeless presence sheds past and future.  The Holy Name extinguishes all conventional names and naming, together with all opinions concerning better or worse.  Pious labelling falls away or else leaves no trace even when ordinary labelling persists.  Purification purifies the heart so that all dithering between purity and impurity releases into pure awareness and pure presence.  Christ opens the heart to his Chrism of the Name ‘I AM,’ opening ever-present awareness to ineffable openness, which is wisdom opening to glory as healing Name hallowing.  Glorification completes purification through turning and illumination by seeing so that all indirect ways and means transform into decisive directness beyond all indirect directions out or away.  Christ is an opening to radical openness as wisdom awakening to decisive glory.  Scripture calls him the ‘way’ and the ‘gate’ where wisdom is concerned, but when glory opens to glory all ways lead this way, and all gates open one way, restoring glory to glory.  Glory opens to ineffable glory here where all coming and going arrives back here at centre.

All ways lead nowhere but abide here at centre in the midst where wisdom co-inheres with glory, once timeless openness awakens awareness to wisdom and presence to glory.  The Spirit opens all ways at once to the truth of the Name by revealing awareness to be presence and presence to be awareness, God’s ‘I’ of wisdom and God’s ‘AM’ of glory conjoined together at centre in the midst.  The Name saves and frees by opening the heart to God’s ineffable openness, enlightening openness which glorifies the saints.  Elders empty us of self-centred perception to fill us with God-centred wisdom.  Translucent clarity replaces obstructed opacity when original glory manifests as transfiguring theophany.  Wisdom weds glory as transfiguring theophany, deifying the senses so that heaven weds earth and earth weds heaven.  Wisdom blesses those whom she loves with love’s revelation of glory, spontaneously completing what only Great Peace completes.  No contrived techniques can achieve what uncreated grace completes.   Wisdom rests in Great Peace, abiding with glory laid back into glory, restoring glory to the Father as grace imparting glory from the Son.  This is the Spirit’s grace of unceasing prayer at work through Christ in God, ineffable openness opening grace to glory and glory to grace.  Christ’s yoke is easy and his burden light in the timeless openness of his hallowing wisdom, being the Spirit’s unburdened freedom expanding out into the timeless openness of glory.