Name Hallowing : Kiddush ha-Shem

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Name hallowing, (kiddush ha-shem) ascribes glory to God through his Holy Name ‘I AM,’ in and through whom there arises all that there is.  God’s Kingdom comes when wisdom hallows the glory of God’s Name, wisdom always alight now in blessed union with glory forever present.  Glorification hallows God’s Name above all names, the Name of ‘He who is, who was and who shall always be: I AM.’  Beyond all expressions of praise is this ineffable mystery of God’s Name, communicating uncreated presence of glory in the uncreated light of pure awareness.  An abyss of radiant openness transcends ecstatic rapture, maturing as expansive release beyond comprehension.  Uncreated light awakens the eye of the heart to the grace of glory, glory that the Father bestows on the Son, glory which the Spirit bestows as deifying grace upon us.  Name hallowing, (kiddush ha-shem), in the heavenly realms, unifies the Name to complete the commandment of hallowing, (kadoshim) ‘Be holy, for I, YHWH, your God, am holy (Lev19:2).

Name hallowing blesses all who bless God’s Name, imparting peace to those who pray for peace.  The Name unveils the completeness of Great Peace, peace fully present and aware in heaven, completing the ineffable completeness of peace on earth in the image of Great Peace in heaven.  Wisdom imparts God’s ever-present peace, which she is ever aware of through the Name, but welcomes peace back into God’s Kingdom when his Name of completeness is blessed on earth.  However, the Name becomes vain when division reigns and confusion obscures wisdom’s love of glory.  The Name is profaned when glory falls short of wisdom’s vision of glory and the Spirit of wisdom is quenched.  Vain profaning of the Name is healed when wisdom cures vainglory through glorification of God in his Name, restoring glory to God in the midst by Name hallowing. 

The Kingdom comes when Name hallowing unites wisdom and glory in every heavenly realm and every age this world, extinguishing separation between Name and Kingdom by healing division between wisdom and glory.  Hallowing happens when the Spirit bears witness as wisdom to the glory of Christ crucified, dethroning the confusion which separates powers from glory, enthroning God in glory amidst countless angel hosts.  Hallowing martyrdom is wisdom’s glorification of the Name, witnessing glory even unto death, unveiling glory that overcomes death by death.  To hallow the Name on earth as the Name is hallowed in heaven is to hallow God in the glory of Holy Trinity.  ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is I AM,’  enthroned amidst angel hosts, thrice holy Cherubic wisdom embracing thrice holy Seraphic glory, the Father’s wisdom uniting with the glory of the Son, witness in the Spirit to glory on earth as in heaven.

Christ always remembers us, penitent thieves as we are, when he comes into his Kingdom, because the Name we thought to steal from him was always already invisibly inscribed in us, revealing the gift of his image of glory within us, manifesting uncreated light in God’s ‘eye’ of our foreheads and our hearts.  Wisdom undoes confusion’s primordial theft by restoring glory through Christ to God.  What confusion stole was ‘I AM,’ which is God’s Name, the unconscious theft which constitutes our unconscious fall from glory.  The Spirit restores God’s stolen glory to the Father through the Son, because hallowing God’s Name is the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart.  The Spirit reveals God’s Name which saves all who invoke him in the Son, through whom God gives us his ‘I AM,’ the Name of ‘He who is who he is’ before Abraham was.  To all who pray in his Name, Christ is ‘I AM,’ our God, in the midst and the Spirit in turn blesses us in his Name, inspiring thanksgiving and praise.  God’s Name ‘I AM’ endures forever and the Spirit remembers Christ in our midst whenever we are remembered by our Father in heaven.  Grace gives back to us what was stolen and so disastrously lost to us, our life in God and God in us, God with us, our Emmanuel.   

Wisdom discerns glory whenever God’s Name is blessed with every breath, whenever his Spirit hallows God’s Name so his will is done and his Kingdom comes.  Nothing on earth can ever compare with God’s Name’I AM,’ and nothing can ever be likened to God.  Only wisdom knows the glory that reveals God, glory which awakens wonder, wonder that sustains wisdom, leaving all clever sophistry confused, deaf and dumb, because it was always blind and deaf to God at centre.  God’s Name was always wisdom beholding glory beyond all perception and understanding, even when confusion distanced this for millennia.   Glorification hallows the Name but it is the Name that reveals glory to wisdom, grounding all hallowing.  It is deification that transforms hallowing into wisdom’s embrace of glory in the midst.  

The Name easily bears every heavy burden by enlightening minds and glorifying hearts.  The light of glory unveils God, in whose light glory is unveiled in the Spirit of Truth.  Glory restores glory to God in the Spirit, the truth of whose light reveals uncreated light and the truth of whose glory opens wisdom to the Name’s ever increasing glory.   Hallowing the Name begins with the grace of enlightenment, purifying the heart, but matures into deifying glorification, glorification of the Father through the Son in God the Holy Spirit.  The Father glorifies the Son with his ‘I AM,’ with his Holy Name that is the very foundation of all worlds.  The Spirit bears witness to this Name by unveiling the glory of the Father to the luminous wisdom of the Son.  

Christ’s  transfiguring ‘I AM,’ revealed in his Name, is wisely aware and gloriously present even in the darkest depths of hell, easily emptying satanic hells of vanity so as to restore all glory to God.  The Spirit of wisdom searches out the hidden depths of God although deifying glory remains utterly unsearchable, concealed to any but the discerning Spirit of wisdom.  Name hallowing is the Spirit’s unceasing prayer, purifying the heart, the deep Spirit’s depths calling to ever deepening depths of truth, wisdom’s purifying abyss calling to glory’s enlightening abyss, beyond all rational reckoning.  Wisdom hallows glory by forgiving, blesses glory by forbearing, suffers glory in whatever wisdom bears as glory, borne for God’s Name’s sake.  The loving-kindness of Name hallowing remains always beyond our grasp but does not stay behind, anxious to be thanked, but always presses ahead, transcending us, sharing out wisdom and glory as free gifts of generous grace.  Name hallowing opens wisdom to spiralling, ever-expanding glory, glory unveiled by sanctifying wisdom in Christ’s anointing Name, unveiling radiant beauty of holiness to illumined elders, hallowing blessed saints through mysteries of deifying glorification.