Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth comes to guide us into all truth, that is, truth in its wholeness and completeness.  Fear haunts the institutions of incompleteness, returning in dreary dreams of incompleteness to frighten us back into the clutches of reigning powers, clinging to familiar darkness.  Authorities may appear benign until the Spirit unveils what they really are, blind guides that cannot tell the difference between wisdom and opinion.  The Spirit does not speak in his own name but as the Name of God, like Christ, who speaks in the Holy Name of God.  He comes when Christ returns to the Father, sending the Paraclete to help us in our weakness, convicting falls from glory, confirming right-glorification and exposing vainglory.  The Spirit of Truth comes in Christ from the Father, to unveil glory to wisdom in the hallowed Name.  Christ is the wisdom of the Name unveiled, the glory of the Father uncovered, the truth that the Spirit reveals, turning sorrow and suffering into timeless joy.  Blind powers cannot deprive wisdom of glory or extinguish joy, because in wisdom the Name shares the glory of the Father and imparts joy to the saints.  In the unveiling of the Name, fear may still haunt old dreams but love awakens from all dreams when the dawn of uncreated light appears.  Institutions cannot help fostering the memory of the persistent dreams that perpetuate them, but the Name shatters these chains that lock us in.  

Figurative parable preserves wisdom from vainglory in order to unveil wisdom as glory through the Name.   Glory overcomes the blindness of the world by purifying the heart and enlightening the noetic spirit with the Spirit of Truth.  Christ comes from glory and returns to glory in every timeless moment, unveiling the Truth in the Spirit through the glory of the Name.  The point of glory is not, of course, vainglory but peace in the Name, a reign of peace that lives Truth as Truth’s completeness.  The Name is wisdom’s awareness of presence that unveils glory’s presence in awareness, uncreated wisdom conjoined with uncreated glory, prior to creation, time and space.  Fear’s terrors have haunted the blind for countless generations, and would habitually haunt them still, if it were not for wisdom, who awakens blind hearts to the glory of the Name.  Christ reveals God’s Name to the saints, inspiring elders with the Spirit of Truth in every generation.  Saints do not behave like blind institutional authorities, who never really hallow the Name, but repeat it by rote instead.  Glory is imparted from the Father to the Son, then in the Spirit, from the Son to saints in glory, hallowing the Name in very truth, not nominally, by rote alone.  Christ’s prayer is his uncreated desire that glory will be embraced by wisdom in every heart, unifying all hearts with the glory of wisdom.

The function of wisdom is to unveil the glory of grace, so that the glory of the saints may be revealed.  The function of elders is to live this wisdom so that it is soundly handed on from generation to generation.  There is no place here for self-interest or for blind guides to intrude, with their blind love for a plethora of admiring disciples.  The blind crucify the Name of glory because they fear to lose control.  The Spirit is regarded by them as the demon of delusion, tempting the faithful into disobedience to institutional authority.  Fear plants addictive terror that haunts the dreams of vulnerable souls, to drag them back into the clutches of blind control.  Fear conjures countless parodies that spin endless delusion out of fears of delusion, ensnaring with scams those who fear scams.  The Spirit exposes spin and scam as demonic delusions that nourish demonic fear of delusion, creating toxic confusion to divide wisdom from glory.  The Spirit has always taught saints with the Name, not with sophisticated sophistry.  The Name saves whereas sophistry deludes, preferring to repeat the Name by rote rather than invoke the Name by hallowing.  The Spirit of Truth opens wisdom to glory in the Holy of Holies, renewing elders as they gladly pass away into the glory of saints, destroying the subtleties of sophistry with humble trust in wisdom’s love of glory, safely hidden in the Name.