Eye of the Throne: Glory of the Crown

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The eye of the throne is the eye of the heart, beholding the glory of the crown in the communion of saints.  On turning, the eye of the heart turns to see the glory that enthrones the saints, awakening to the wisdom that crowns saints with the sevenfold completeness of glory.  Infused wisdom, like a two edged sword, reveals the unveiled face of glory.  Inspired wisdom cures fear of death by putting to death the spiritual death that fear spawns, overcoming death by death.  Glorifying wisdom dies to fear’s fears by turning into the undying Name of timeless light.  The key to death is also the key to hell, but without turning, there is no seeing, no awakening to glory, no throne or crown of glory hallowing the communion of saints.  Turning opens heaven to earth, being the Spirit’s insight into the glory of the throne, the Spirit’s wisdom surrounding the throne as a cloud of glory.  A nimbus of rainbow radiance encircles the throne together with countless thrones, each of which is glorifying the enthroned.  The Name of glory unveils the enthroned, crowning those who glorify the Name, purifying with a living flame all who hallow the Name.  Crowns of glory crown elders that surround and glorify the throne, revealing the eye of the throne to be glory crowning the communion of saints.  Oceans of light, like crystal, surround the throne with expansive glory, upholding the throne with an embracing firmament.  The eye of the heart beholds the throne of heaven, encircled by a crowning communion of glorified saints.

Archangels uphold the throne with all-seeing wings.  Archangels are enfolded with six wisdom wings, singing a thrice holy wisdom chant:  “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” (Rev 4:8).  Elders cast their crowns before the throne, saying:  Glory to Thee, Name of glory unveiled, enthroned on high in the midst.  The slaughtered Lamb is enthroned with the Name he reveals, the eye of the throne beholding in every heart a crown of glory surrounding the unveiled Name.  Throne and crown are icons of glory adorning the saints in their hallowed communion.  They are symbolic images that empower us to imagine the imageless glory of the self-revelatory Name.  Voices resound that enable the ear of the heart to hear chants of glory that hymn the glory of Christ, the slaughtered Lamb.  Our heavenly Father is forever sharing his throne with the slaughtered Lamb, revealing their mutual union of glory, in the Spirit, unveiling ineffable completeness.  So the eye of the throne is essentially the eye of glory that crowns saints with wisdom, undergirding wisdom with glory.

Throne and crown unveil wisdom that beholds the communion of saints as a holy city, a New Jerusalem and Bride of the Lamb.  In the Spirit, wisdom’s bridal communion with glory is extended to all who turn and see, opening the glory of throne and crown to every awakened heart.  Glory is no longer confined to literal thrones or crowns but turns out to be the glory that enthrones and crowns humble saints in their deified, hallowed communion.  Wisdom’s Holy City has no temple sanctuary because its hallowed sanctuary is the Name enthroned, crowning every heart that is awake to the eye of the throne and glorified by the wisdom of the crown.  Wisdom’s river of the water of life flows from the throne and wisdom’s tree of life crowns all with healing as it unveils the face of glory in all who hallow the Name.  The communion of saints is envisioned by the Spirit as a new heaven and a new earth, a city of communion renewed by conjugal union of wisdom and glory in hallowed saints.  Throne and crown never rust or disintegrate in their uncreated, creative energies, even in an age that no longer believes in the communion of saints.  In an age of materialism and nihilism that refuses to turn and see, these mysteries are misconstrued as fairy tales and those who tell them mistaken for immature idiots, too afraid to face the oblivion of death.  But such foolishness has always disdained the glory of the throne and the wisdom that crowns saints.  The eye of the throne timelessly overcomes pathological fear by condemning death to death and hell to hell, timelessly beholding the glory of the saints alive at the very heart of their communion.  Throne and crown endure, chanting a thrice holy hymn of glory that is never silenced, unveiling wisdom that unceasingly hallows the saints with timeless glory.