Name of Glory

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Blessed is the Holy Name of glory that unveils God in the midst, purifying and illumining the heart, uncovering hidden heavens of uncreated wisdom, restoring the glory that underlies all worlds.  The Father of glory grounds us in Christ through revelation of his Name, sharing the luminous mysteries of his ineffable grace, whose glory generously deifies us with profound insight and radiant wisdom.  The Name fulfils its opening mysteries of Baptism and Chrismation through the Eucharist, completing temporal incompleteness by uncovering timeless completeness at the heart of right-glorifying Orthodoxy.  Uniting heaven and earth by unveiling the saving Name, the Spirit of Truth bears witness to the Gospel of timeless completeness that the Father of glory reveals through Christ, imparting his wisdom by opening the eye of the heart.  Enthroned with glory in the Holy of Holies, wisdom’s hidden sanctuary far transcends all earthly sanctuaries.  The holiest quintessence of all holy mysteries of glory, wisdom clarifies confusion by resurrecting communion, ascending by delivering holy union from satanic confusion and holy difference from diabolical division.  The Church is quintessentially a mystery of conjugal union, gathering into one all who turn and see, wisdom beholding glory as the timeless completeness that completes temporal incompleteness through the Name.

Falling from grace, invisible powers seduce hearts into countless addictions, that is, vain glorious God-substitutes, but the Name intervenes to turn hearts back from vainglory to wholesome glory.  The Prayer of the Name of Jesus invokes infinite divine mercy to release the glory of grace from vainglory, raising the vainglorious dead from hells of separation to heavens of resurrecting light.  Enthroned with Christ in the glory of the Name, saints are saved by the glory of grace, not by their own proud efforts.  Instead, they offer God their whole-hearted trust by receiving the Name as sheer gift, gathered by the glory of wisdom into the hallowing communion of saints.  Vainglorious separation alienates hearts, whereas glory’s saving wisdom embraces them in hallowing communion.  Created from glory, for glory, the glorified are released into wisdom conjoined with glory, transfiguring the divisive confusion of vainglory with the decisive communion of right-glorification.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father to bring peace through the Son, sharing healing completeness with all who turn and see.  Desert elders welcome saints into wisdom’s inexhaustible completeness, fulfilling the inheritance of the prophets and apostles by hallowing the saving Name.  When the Church became the religion of the Roman empire, desert Hesychasts kept faith with wisdom’s costly prophetic legacy, ensuring that white martyrdom sustained monastic Hesychasm, preserving the spiritual legacy of red martyrdom for future generations.

Desert elders refused to be overpowered by predatory, imperial powers but bore witness to the glory of the Name in stillness, renewing the Hesychast legacy of glorification for generations to come.  Radical white martyrdom unseated usurping powers in hearts awake to wisdom, nurturing God’s Trinitarian glorification of God through God that completed illumination by extending purification beyond conventional reification.  Lost hearts inevitably lose heart when nobody remembers to lift up their hearts to glorify the Name.  So elders raise hearts to God’s Triune wisdom, to root and ground them in the revelatory Name, listening to the Spirit in the inner sanctuary of awakened hearts, welcoming the breadth and length, height and depth of wisdom’s glorification of the Holy Name.  Hesychast wisdom earthed Holy Orthodoxy in the prophetic glorification of the saving Name of Trinitarian glory, confirming apostolic scope, tested and refined by costly martyrdom, integrating the maturity of elders with the vigour of young saints.  The Name of glory renewed glorification in every generation by revealing the glory of the revelatory Name.  The Spirit renewed the wholesome unity of sound communion by sustaining the sealed wholeness of the Triune bond of peace.  The oneness of the Name renewed trust by initiating saints into the oneness of God, oneness unveiled by the Father through the Son, oneness sustained by the Spirit in the Son, restoring glory to the Father.  Blessed is Christ’s Holy Name of glory that restores glory to God with wisdom’s ineffable glorification.

Desert elders continued to bless the Name of glory that awakens the vainglorious dead from sleep, arising with radiant ascension into the timeless life of resurrected glorification.   Gratitude gives unceasing thanks for the glory of uncreated grace shining forth in the heart, purifying love’s energies as it illumines them in uncreated light.  Wisdom stands steadfast in God, clothed in uncreated light, surrounded with the Gospel’s regenerating glory, empowering peace.  The Name shields the vulnerable by protecting them from demonic darts of flame, arming them with the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of decisive wisdom.  Shielded by the unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart, prophecy bears witness to the Gospel of Truth with every breath.  Unconscious until embraced by the eye of the heart, wisdom is always already giving thanks for what is not yet revealed to those who sleep, cutting through soporific resistance or leaping over stubborn refusal into the timeless glory of the age to come.  The wisdom of the Spirit is not cut off from grace even by mountains of resistance or separated from glory by wilful refusal to hallow the Name.  To sleep is to be blind, obsessed with blind vainglorious dreams instead of turning to awaken, turning to see.  Wisdom stands steadfast, awaiting the opening of the heart’s single eye, strong in humble patience, secure through hidden joy.

Desert elders also bless the Name because it mirrors God, unveiling Christ, God’s image, in whom the heavenly creation is mirrored on earth.  The Name mirrors glory so that wisdom may behold it, holding everything together as a union of heaven and earth.  The Name is first and last, beginning and ending created incompleteness as it unites with the uncreated creativity of wisdom’s completeness.  Completeness indwells the Name as the Name indwells incompleteness, healing the rifts and ruptures of incompleteness in the wholeness of completeness.  The fullness of timeless wisdom completes the incompleteness of temporal relativity, reconciling what time separates, uniting what time divides.  Hostility alienates what wisdom hallows, whereas the Name hallows what hostility divides.  There is ultimately no hostility between time and the timeless, because the Name has always already reconciled them in its profound embrace.  Timeless glory unveils the translucence of time, unveiling the Name’s timeless transfiguration of temporal incompleteness.  Wisdom weds glory as timeless glory transfigures time, proleptically communicating her completeness.  Alienating hostility releases into unifying communion when saints are embraced by wisdom in her mysteries of glorification. 

The Name of glory preserves heaven’s mysteries of glorification from profanation when materialism reduces apophatic wisdom to apocalyptic nihilism.  But apocalyptic wisdom knows how to sustain wholesome negation because it heals nihilism as it acknowledges ‘no-thing’ to be a divine name, hallowing negation that undoes reification to unveil the Holy Name of God.  The Name completes in heaven what is not yet complete in the Name’s earthly hallowing, opening temporal incompleteness to the glory of timeless completeness.  Completeness, when fully known, is incompleteness fully acknowledged within wisdom’s recognition of completeness.  The fullness of wisdom exposes the deceits of incompleteness, when they parody completeness.  Curing delusion that subverts glory, wisdom heals vainglory.  Christ crucifies every deceit by nailing vainglorious delusion to the cross of excruciating wisdom.  Shadows flee when wisdom dawns, purifying the sensuous mind deceived by shallow materialism.  The precepts of narrow literalism haunt the delusions of shallow materialism, spawning the confusions of modern fundamentalism, whereas wisdom uncovers the Spirit within the letter of conventional orthodoxy, nourishing Holy Orthodoxy with wisdom’s power of glorification, renewing deification in every generation.

The Name of glory restores Holy Orthodoxy by imparting hallowing glorification, God’s glorification of the Name reciprocated by hallowing glorification of God, our Amen to God’s revelatory Name.  Truly compassionate hearts are humble and kind, patient and tender-hearted, because they are infused with long-suffering love.  Glorified saints forgive as they are forgiven, making peace because they abide in peace, singing wisdom songs inspired by ancient wisdom odes of ineffable gratitude.  Glorification stands steadfast in the unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart, which is never confused with verbal prayer repeated aloud without stopping.  Glorification is rarely discussed or even named in conventional, literalist circles, because its mysteries are ineffable, but that does not mean glorification is an optional extra that can be lightly ignored or forgotten.  The Name of glory is persistent in its fierce reminder that mercifully calls saints to remembrance.  Remembrance of God is recollection of God’s God-centred glorification of God in Holy Trinity, completing glorification in the Name’s own hallowing completeness.  There is nothing optional or peripheral about the Holy Name of glory, or, indeed, about glorification through the Name that glorifies and hallows saints.  Glory unveils the Name of Holy Trinity as a thrice-holy mystery, restoring glory to the Father of glory through the glorified Son’s own glorification, gratefully abiding in the hallowing glory of the Spirit’s grace of wisdom.  An ignored and forgotten Name of glory is in fact more glorious than all the angels of heaven, because it is the very heart of heaven, hallowing the earth as it was always hallowed, by glorifying angels in heaven.