Timeless Presence

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God’s self-revelation of timeless presence through his Name communicates spontaneous blessing, joy and peace as it awakens the eye of the heart to deifying wisdom and glory.   Cooling showers of graced stillness nourish parched souls with timeless presence, nurturing growth in the Spirit, generating completeness from incompleteness.  Hallowing the Name aright, delusions vanish into timeless presence right away.  The Spirit is freedom releasing constriction when mindless double-binds dissolve and diffuse.  When God awakens to God through God in timeless presence, the Name saves.  Nothing can resist radical release when the light of glory dawns.  Fixated identification with this or that appears to short circuit the flow of grace, but its hold is only a delusional deceit, quite unable to dam the living flow of grace.  Wisdom sees through such delusional deceits, discerning the glory of grace in timeless presence wherever she turns and sees.  Grace has nothing to lose because it has nothing either to win or lose but a gift to give, timeless presence.  The illumined heart is not disheartened by the weather of changing emotional states because what it knows, when it turns and sees, is timeless presence, timelessly aware, which does not pass away like temporary phenomena.  The Spirit lives awareness as wisdom and presence as glory, without trace of self-interested gain or loss.  Nothing separates wisdom from glory when present awareness is presently aware, as it is with timeless presence.

The Name knows that ‘I AM’ is ‘He who is,’ who was, and shall always be the coming presence of grace, unveiling God.  The glory of grace is itself never distracted, so does not fixate on dispelling distractions, whereas the straining mind is stressed by distractions.  Struggling to crush them, it is in turn crushed by them.  He who is ‘I AM’ is one and there is no other; moreover, there never was and never will be.  This founds wisdom in glory without dissipation and without distraction, leaving distractions to dispel of their own accord.  From the outside, incompleteness is intrinsically incomplete because temporality is intrinsically temporal.  But from within, glory is timeless presence, timelessly aware of timeless presence, replete with timeless completeness.  Wisdom transcends time, going beyond temporal incompleteness, responding to what is arising without dissipation or renunciation.  The timeless presence of glory effortlessly empties the heart of every distraction, guaranteeing expansive illumination with ascetical purification.  Timeless awareness is spontaneously pure, just as timeless presence is spontaneously complete.

The Name, Ehyeh, Ego Eimi,  abides as undistracted awareness, ‘I,’ and indivisible presence, ‘AM,’ Ego Sum, unwaveringly centred in God, through God, in God, flawless and complete.  The timeless presence of glory deifies seers, whereas vainglory cuts seers off from glory, leaving pride to fret over loss, instead of rejoicing over grace.  Distractions spontaneously flee of their own accord when the heart is pure, just as shadows spontaneously flee from the illumined presence of uncreated light.  The Name saves because awareness of presence arises from the presence of awareness, the wisdom of graced completeness from the presence of graced glory.    Doubt divides, having first confused the heart, whereas wisdom unites, having first purified the heart.  Passions instantaneously flee purity of heart, just as darkness is spontaneously dispelled by uncreated light.  Wisdom is no longer obsessed with temporal ways and means to dispel distractions, because she is always already aware and present in timeless glory.  Seers see because they turn, as, by grace, they are turned, seeing with wisdom’s indivisible eye, always already aware of the presence of glory.  Present to timeless presence, as wisdom is to glory, timeless presence is glory communicating completeness to wisdom, completing temporal ways and means in the timeless glory of completeness.