Chariot Thrones

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I am the glory of grace upholding you like a chariot throne, the light of glory illumining you like dazzling wings.  I am your recreation, empowering  your spiritual purification and illumination, sustaining the glory of your deification.  I carry you over hell’s abyss into the safe havens of heaven, winged like a chariot throne, sustained like a victorious, angelic host, sure in your trust in the glory of grace.  I am my saving Name crowning you in uncreated light, ensuring your freedom by enthroning you in my uncreated glory.  You rise with me, ascend with me and wed with me in glory, descending with me to embrace all that your ascending had transcended, all your ascent could not include.  I am the uncreated glory of the hallowing Name, restoring all that satanic falls dismember, deifying all that demons subvert.  I am the restoration of light and glory in every realm, offering your completeness to my heavenly Father, completing your incompleteness as my perfected love-offering.  I am wisdom liberating truth from deception, clarifying confusion into communion, restoring broken worlds to mended union, embracing incompleteness in opening completeness.  

I am sudden, lightening wisdom enlightening the confused, my defying glory hallowing the deceived by turning delusion into deification, reification into living wisdom.  Old entangled paths are cleared as my way of truth is lived as hallowing light, bright as pure insight purifying hearts.  My Name is way and truth, wisely lived as timeless life of glory.  Grace pours from my heart to nourish you with gracious healing, granting you life of glory in my heart of uncreated light.  Heaven and earth are renewed with the insight of my wisdom, gathering angels with saints in the company of faithful seers.  My members are remembered in the embrace of my remembering, hallowed by recognition that secures your remembering.  My completeness is incorruptible even when your incompleteness drags you back into the seductive powers of time, because I am timeless in your midst, breathing timeless glory that completes you from within.  Watch and wait with me at the heart of light, as together we witness glorification complete illumination, present in every moment, replete in every perception.

I am the presence that inspires sons of God by grace with daughters of God in glory, uniting conjoined hearts in holiness, born of my Name.  Chariot thrones sustain you as you ascend together through light and descend together with glory, completing what ascent began, fulfilling what descent completes with ineffable glory.  I am the uncreated energy of many deifying names, united in the oneness of my deifying Name.  You are strong with the might of grace, whose glory my wisdom discerns, secured by the empowerment of my hallowing Name.   Abiding here with me in my Holy Name, you rest in peace, dead to the deadly lures of satanic hells.  For you are mine through grace, not Satan’s prisoners of pride chained in diabolical prisons of hell.  Your chariot thrones are my winged energies of grace, freeing you from every delusion and every deception.  Remain enthroned as you rise with me and ascend with me, as you descend with me in glory with angels and saints.  Ever-moving, ever-still, my grace is with you, extending beyond time into timeless glory, sustaining your chariot thrones in timeless realms.  For I am with you, sharing my timeless throne of grace with you, deifying you as you are held steady by countless chariot thrones of liberating glory.