Realms of Joy

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I am ‘I AM,’ unveiling realms of joy to thee, once you cease to confuse yourselves with me.  I came to reveal my Name.  Restore my Name to me and I will to glory raise thee.  My realms stand firm in joyful remembrance, opening wisdom to glory through Christ in the Spirit.  My Word names my Name and my Spirit opens hearts to joy, revealing my gracious intention to share my hallowing love with all.  I am ‘I AM,’ thy God, and there is no other. Your union with me is my communion with thee, severing delusion, healing division.  Watch, as vainglory is purified of vanity, unveiling joy, releasing light into expanding glory.  Deception dissolves like mist in the sun or like foam blown away in the wind.  Because I see thee, you are joyously seen; because I know thee, you are joyously known.   I am ‘I AM,’ revealing my Name, unveiling the joy of the glory of wisdom with every breath.  I am Father of glory, Word of wisdom and Spirit of truth, offering you my gifts of joyous grace.  Turn and receive as gift what formerly, in your self-obsession, you stole by theft, and glory will no longer burn but joyously enlighten you.  Rejoice in the fact that grace restores the beauty of hallowing holiness, giving glory to my saving Name in realms of unceasing joy.

Tear off deception and put on the joyous light of truth, ascending through light to light, descending in glory as glory.  Behold the unveiled face of glory with every glance, scattering dissipation to the air.  Unbind what delusion binds; turn poisonous venom into healing balm.  Abide in realms where joy shares light with glory and grace entrusts you with trustworthy joy, empowering you to truly trust grace.  Completeness of glory encircles your incompleteness whenever timeless presence replaces temporal fears.  Pride melts away in the welcoming warmth of joyous love.  Parodies dissolve in the discerning insight of wisdom.  Deceptions are blown away in the wind of the hallowing Spirit.  For the way and truth of the Name is the timeless life of joyous wisdom.  I am light from light, extinguishing what obscures uncreated light.  Sanctified by my Name of joy, you hallow my saving Name, liberating your hearts from stubborn, habitual resistance.  Once you empty yourselves into my wisdom, you will discover me as glory emptied into your hearts.  I interpret you to yourselves so that you discern me in your midst, uncovering me where you were convinced I was not, recognising me where I always was and shall always be.  I shall never forsake you, but when you forsake me, I seek you out like a shepherd, and bring you home.

Realms of joy are not devoid of rejoicing even when they abide with wisdom in stillness.  Wisdom sings odes of joy in ways that no-one can explain.  I stand steadfast in ineffable serenity whilst joy bubbles up from way within.  My cross of excruciating pain does not extinguish this ineffable joy because the cross is uncreated love overcoming what extinguishes love.  Joy trusts love just as love trusts joy.  The wings of unselfish love hover over hearts that secretly leap for joy, sustaining trust.  My kingdom embraces realms of joy that nothing can extinguish.  My Spirit prays unceasingly with ineffable joy, but without discerning wisdom, joy is overlooked and prayer disdained.  Joy is not envious or jealous, but rejoices in another’s joy.  Worldly wisdom falls short of genuine joy because it cannot transcend its self-interested loves, whereas genuine wisdom is free of self-interest and rejoices in another’s joy.  I am uncreated joy rejoicing in uncreated realms of ineffable joy, communicating my Name of unconditioned joy without reserve.  Realms of joy communicate wisdom and glory in my Holy Name without self-interest, sharing joy in realms of joy without reserve.