Hallelu Yah

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Hallelu Yah is the ancient prayer of glorification that inspires all who are in the Spirit, glorifying God in his hallowing Name.  It reverberates through every wave of the sea of shining translucence that surrounds rainbow radiance, the glory of the heavenly throne.  It crowns all who joyously surround the throne, whose glorification of God finds expression in the praise of his saving Name.  The invocation, Hallelu Yah, praises God in his revelatory Name, but the thrice-holy Sanctus Hymn, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is ‘I AM’ our God, who was and is and is to come’ (Rev 4:8), unveils it in its Trinitarian form.  For the Name of the Holy Trinity bestows blessing, wisdom and glory upon all who hallow it, all who say ‘Amen‘ to it, ascribing all glory to God.   Hallelu Yah glorifies God, who saves and heals those who partake in his glory.  The prayer of the Name rises like incense to the throne of uncreated glory, and the prayer ‘Amen’ accords with it, welcoming the Kingdom come.  Union with God weds the bride with Christ in the Spirit, whose joint witness is the testimony of Jesus and the Spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10).  The witness of the Word, naming the Name, with the witness of the Spirit, uniting prophecy and prayer, together sustain a purified heart, enlightening speech and the deifying invocation of the Holy Name, empowering purification, illumination and glorification of hallowed saints.

The Spirit’s unceasing prayer has always been Hallelu Yah, hallowing the saving Name in angels and saints with the ‘Amen’ that seals hearts with the Name of peace and glory.  The Spirit’s prayer opens earth to heaven in countless, ineffable ways, renewing both heaven and earth.  The revelation of Emmanuel, God with us, casts hell’s separations into a lake of fire, the same lake of living waters that mercifully purify saints, but when purification is rejected, mercy burns until rejection turns and accepts what it rejects.  The Spirit indwells all, but not all immediately welcome this indwelling, but suffer love to unveil its glory with stubborn reluctance.  This means glory is experienced as purifying fire until hearts welcome it as uncreated light, then rejoice in the deifying glory of its ineffable grace, which is uncreated love.  The Spirit’s unceasing Hallelu Yah purifies and Illumines saints, like angels, if they co-operate with its hallowing infusion.  It is this conspiring infusion that sustains angels in their heavens of light and glory, but which is shared with saints when glorification gathers angels and saints together into one glorifying union of Name-hallowing communion.

Hallelu Yah invokes the Name that overcomes powers of confusion and division, establishing the reign of enlightening union and deifying communion, making all things new.  The Name is purifying fire and uncreated light, but the fulness of its scope is deifying glory, in whose hidden mysteries angels and saints may both partake.  In an age of materialism, consumerism, hedonism and nihilism, few offer their Amen to glory, so there are few to bear witness to the mysteries of glorification.  Angels are fully aware of this, and so to the degree that they are overlooked, angels are in fact more active than ever, bearing witness, in all and for all, to the saving Name and reign of wisdom and glory concealed at its heart.  The Name ‘I AM’ is always coming soon, always timeless presence, always bearing fruit as a tree of timeless life, always opening earth to heaven as an earthly heaven conjoined with a heavenly earth.  The Spirit of prophecy resounds with the Spirit’s unceasing prayer, restoring glory to the Father through the Son, revealing the glory of the Father through the Son.  The purifying prayer of the saving Name completes illumination with glorification, which is the hidden secret and dazzling glory of Holy Orthodoxy, renewing its doxological mysteries from within, restoring its temporal incompleteness to timeless doxological completeness.