Heart of Awareness

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The heart is purified by turning the light of awareness round to remember God, stepping back to recognise God in the midst.  The remembrance of God opens the eye of the heart to God’s own vision of God through God, restoring the heart to the uncreated light of hallowing wisdom.  Wisdom unites the mind with the heart in primordial, pristine awareness, liberating awareness from obsessive thoughts, freeing presence from addictive passions.  The awareness and presence of God is remembered in the stillness of purifying wisdom, emptying division into ineffable union and confusion into unconditioned communion.  This self-emptying kenosis is Christ’s gift of himself in his uncreated grace, turning the light of awareness right round into the Spirit’s unceasing prayer of the heart, reversing obsessions that turn awareness away from God.  To turn into Christ’s wisdom is to see his glory in its radiant presence in the midst, revealing uncreated light at the heart of awareness.  Truly to turn is to return to Christ in the Holy Spirit, which never divides wisdom from God nor confuses the created with the uncreated.  The uncreated light of wisdom hallows awareness in the presence of glory, crowning the head with a halo of holiness and enthroning the heart with a throne of uncreated glory.  The uncreated flame of the hallowing Name liberates constricted confusions into unconstricted unions, healing satanic separation with indivisible communion.  

Christ comes to reveal the Name in our time to save us from materialism, consumerism, hedonism and nihilism, unveiling the grace of all-inclusive wisdom that beholds the light of all-pervading glory, undoing the addictive powers of sin and death.  The Spirit indwells Christ, who abides with the Spirit in the Father’s grace, restoring creation to the Father’s reign of glory.  Materialism turns round and changes into transfiguration, consumerism into sustaining spiritual nourishment when hedonism turns back into timeless well-being and nihilism empties into wholesome translucence.  The Name then saves wisdom from falling into vainglory by freeing glory from vanity without ceasing.  The way of the hallowing Name liberates wisdom from addictive attachments, preserving the practice of awakened seeing from degenerating into dissipating confusion.  Elders do recommend effort, but only in order to empty effort into effortless freedom, spontaneously liberating strain from stress.  Crowns of uncreated light spontaneously sustain thrones of uncreated glory, surpassing conditioned ways and means, restoring the timeless joy of graced stillness.  Turning the light of awareness round purifies the heart, reversing dissipation, whilst seeing with wisdom’s awakened eye enlightens the mind in the purified heart, upholding wisdom’s beholding of the glory of God, deifying saints.

The heart is the realm of heaven unveiled in the Name, opening a centre of grace in the midst, shining with uncreated light.  Remembrance of God opens awareness to the primordial presence of God, unveiling the glory of grace, which integrates temporal incompleteness within uncreated, timeless completeness.  Once the light of awareness is turned, created energies rise into the uncreated energy of glory, eventually crystallising a body of light, then a body of transfiguring glory.  The rainbow radiance of this glory gives wings to seers, soaring up over hell’s infernal abyss.  Unveiling the original face of glory, the sword of the Spirit cuts through confusion whilst the Spirit leaps over division, turning awareness round to abide in the sanctuary of wondrous presence.  Turning refines the heart in the uncreated energy of the Holy Spirit, restoring the many energies of awareness to the Oneness of pure presence, the presence of the uncreated Oneness of glory.  This is what desert elders call glorification, which completes purification with illumination and illumination with deification.  By persisting in the practice of wisdom, the uncreated creativity of grace liberates and renews creation.  Heaven and earth unite to become an earthly heaven and a heavenly earth, restoring earth to heaven in realms of undying glory.  Wisdom awakens the heart to the radiance of timeless glory, suspending time, extinguishing space, restoring wisdom to glory at the heart of awareness.